The BIG Adventure Begins

Finally, after months of plotting and planning and waiting, it was time for our big adventure to begin.  Richard’s sister, affectionately known as Eenie, picked us up and delivered us to the airport.  The check-in at Singapore airlines was quick and easy and we were relieved to find that we were under their weight limits for baggage, as it had been difficult to pack for a 3 month holiday, where we had to cater for summer and winter clothing.

At 2.45pm our A330-300 Airbus left Brisbane, heading us to Singapore, some 6,226 kilometres away.  The seating configuration was 2-4-2 and we were happy with our seats, the second row in economy on the right hand side just in front of the wing.  We had a good flight to Singapore, arriving at 8.45 pm (10.45 pm Brisbane time).

After finding our way to the centre of terminal 3 in the huge Changi Airport, we checked out the duty free shops, had a cup of coffee and headed to our departure lounge to board our A380 Airbus to London.  We were excited to be seated on the Upper Deck on the left hand side, just behind the wing, in a 2-4-2 configuration.  We left Singapore at 11.35pm (1.35am Brisbane time) for our 11,088 kilometres journey to London. Our seats were comfortable with lots of leg room and besides the overhead locker space, we had an extra storage bin next to the seat, under the window, large enough to hold two heavy coats, our laptop, and Richard’s akubra hat. 

A380 Airbus

A380 Airbus

We were very impressed with the service we received from the elegant, friendly and helpful Singapore Airlines staff and the food was excellent.

At 5.35 am (2.35pm Brisbane time) we finally arrived at London Heathrow airport, and made a quick exit through Immigration – no queues!

We were delighted to be met by an exited Janet and Adrian, carrying a large sign that read “No more sleeps!”


No More Sleeps

No More Sleeps

After hugs and kisses, and the usual photo opportunity, we headed off to Janet and Adrian’s lovely two bedroom Flat in Maidenhead, where we deposited our bags and showered, before heading off exploring.  Firstly, we took Adrian to work and were able to see his new office, then Janet showed us around Maidenhead, before taking us to see her school, The Piggott School, in Reading and her previous school, Waingels.  We then went to an English Pub, called Bird in Hand, where Janet’s friend, Hilary, met us for a drink.  After a nice lunch at the pub, Janet took us to a huge Marks and Spencers shop and a huge Tesco shop (like Woolworths and Big W combined) to pick up a few things she needed, before heading back to our new home to unpack and get ready for dinner.  As Richard had only had about 3 hours sleep on the plane, he was off to bed at 6.30 (after nodding off a few times earlier).

 We are both so excited to finally be here with Janet and Adrian – the adventure has begun!

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  1. Nicole says:

    Hi Richard & Sandy

    Glad to see you arrived safe and well. Have informed everyone that you have already started the grand adventure and am looking forward to the updates.


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