River Walk on the Thames

Thursday 30 July   Sunny, then rain (quite heavy), then sunny again

 Janet took us to the Thames River at Maidenhead, where we walked along the Thames Path towards Bray, passing Rolf Harris’ home and many other mansions.  We walked as far as Bray, stopping opposite Ferry End House, where we stayed in 2005, with Sandy’s sister, Maria’s, brother-in-law, Michael and Maggie.  We watched rowers on the river as well as narrow boats gliding gracefully past.

 We then walked back in the other direction towards Cookham, stopping at Boulter’s Lock.  By the time we got to Ray Mill Island and Boulter’s Weir, the blue sky had turned to large grey clouds and heavy rain began to fall.  As we only had one umbrella between the three of us, we quickly headed back to the car.

In the afternoon, the three of us went to visit Janet & Adrian’s friends, Muffie and Greg, where we spent an enjoyable couple of hours, before coming home to pack for our Scotland road trip tomorrow.


Rolf Harris' House
Rolf Harris’ House
Ferry End House
Ferry End House
Narrow Boat
Narrow Boat
Boulter's Weir
Boulter’s Weir

Raining Cats and Dogs

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