Scotland Tour Day 11

Day 11                   Coupar Angus to Edinburgh                 A few showers

After another leisurely breakfast, we reluctantly said our farewells to Thelma and Dennis and headed to Stirling Castle, then on to Linlithgow, to the Dalzell family castle, called The House of Binns, which was built in 1612 on 200 acres of parkland overlooking the River Forth and across to the highlands. Richard was impressed that they have peacocks in the grounds of the family castle, because he remembers that his dad always had a peacock feather at their home.

Unfortunately, we were not able to see inside the castle as it is only open to the public between 2 and 5 in the afternoons. 


Dalzell family castle

Dalzell family castle








However, we did take some photos, before moving on to face some chaotic traffic in the City of Edinburgh.  Poor Sean struggled with the number of road closures and detours, where he was telling to turn right for example, but the road was closed so we had to turn left, and he came up with an alternate route, only to find it closed also.  Eventually, after Janet rang our accommodation, The Knight Residence, and received some very helpful directions around the closures, we arrived at our very comfortable two bedroom apartment for tonight’s stay.

After getting settled in, we went for a walk to find some lunch and a Tesco shop to buy something to cook here for dinner.  Then we walked “the 18 minutes” (according to Google) up to Edinburgh Castle and found the official Tattoo Shop and purchased an official program for tonight’s performance.  We will be heading back to the castle for the 9.00pm performance and have our fingers crossed, as the weather is fine at the moment, but light showers are predicted for about 10.00pm!  More about the Tattoo tomorrow!

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