Day 11 The TATTOO !!

Day 11                   THE TATTOO !                                  FINE and reasonably warm

 The Tattoo was everything that we thought it would be! 

Our seats were absolutely perfect thanks to Adrian booking them the minute they were put on sale in December last year!  We were sitting in the East stand in row R in the four seats exactly in the middle.  The East stand is the one that faces the castle.  The seats were cosy, with our knees firmly implanted on the back of the seat in front and our elbows held in at our sides, but we could see everything! Once we got settled, we asked a man two rows in front of us to take our photo, which he kindly did!


Us at the Tattoo

Us at the Tattoo








While we were waiting for everyone to get seated, there was some pre-show entertainment by a pipe band.

Then it was time for the show to begin!  Not one, but two jets zoomed overhead, flying low over the castle to open the show.

Among our favourites were the Tongan Royal Corps of Musicians, the Top Secret Drum Corps who were amazing and, of course, the Massed Pipes and Drums. 

The Tattoo

The Tattoo








We had gone prepared with ponchos to protect us from the rain that everyone was predicting and heavy coats to ward of the expected cold winds.  Fortunately for us, the skies remained clear and we used the coats to soften the plastic seats as the weather was very kind to us and was quite warm.

It was awesome to actually be in the stands at last for a real life performance of an event that we had religiously watched on television for many years, wondering what it would be like to actually be there and here we were!! 

The Tattoo had lived up to all our expectations!

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