Scotland Tour Day 12 and Day 13

Day 12         Edinburgh to Scarborough         Sunny with a few clouds

With the excitement of the previous night still fresh in our minds, we headed off to explore Whitby on the north east coast of England.  Our original plans had been changed – we were supposed to be staying in Whitby, but Adrian received a telephone call from our accommodation, Woodside Villa, on Saturday to say that they were cancelling our booking because they had doubled booked, despite the fact that Adrian and Janet had booked it in January!  So, as Whitby was completely booked out, Janet had booked us an alternative at Scarborough, a little further south.

When we got to Whitby, we discovered that almost everyone else had decided to go to Whitby as well!  We drove, stop start, into the town, only to discover that all the parking areas were full and there were dozens of cars lined up waiting for a parking spot.  As all of us had previously been to Whitby, a unanimous decision was made to continue on to Scarborough.

We arrived in Scarborough mid afternoon, got booked in to the Crown Spa Hotel, which overlooks Scarborough beach and all went for a walk.  We headed down the stairs, which were set into the hillside, to a café for afternoon tea – our first Devonshire tea of the trip!  We then walked along the footpath to take in the scenery of our first English beach.  The beach was sandy, but had quite a bit of mud on it that the children were playing in.  The tide was out, so the water was a long way out and of course, there were no waves.  There were donkey rides for the children and the bit that amazed us the most was that there was a huge sideshow alley type of thing at the end of the pier and all along the main road leading to the pier. 

Scarborough Harbour and beach

Scarborough Harbour and beach








We watched with interest, while the life boat was being returned to its shelter for the night – drawn up the beach by a tractor with tracks.


Life boat

Life boat








We had showers and headed off to the lounge for a drink and a chat about what our favourite parts of the holiday have been.


DAY 13        Scarborough to Maidenhead      Sunny, then cloudy, then rain!

After breakfast, we headed off to York, driving past the Old Town Walls.  We found a parking spot and went to the York Minster, which we were looking forward to. 

York Minster

York Minster








York Minster is the largest medieval gothic cathedral in Northern Europe.  York Minster was originally a Roman Catholic church, but has been part of the Church of England since the break from Rome, initiated by King Henry VIII in 1534.  It is truly a magnificent building, with many beautiful stained glass windows and sculptures.  One has to walk around inside to actually appreciate the size of the building and its high sculptured ceilings.

We continued our journey home to Midenhead – we were amazed at the number of motorways and large A roads that Sean took us on! 

Not long out of York, it started to rain, which summed up our spirits.  We were disappointed that our lovely road trip had come to an end, because we had enjoyed Scotland’s diverse countryside, being able to catch up with Thelma and Dennis, as well as Uncle Sandy, and being able to share this part of our holiday with Janet and Adrian.

We started our journey with showers and rain – it had been predicted that our trip may encounter cold and rainy conditions throughout the mainland of Scotland and the Outer Hebrides, but apart from the first couple of days that we had showers, the weather has been very kind to us and has been quite warm.

We arrived back in Maidenhead at about 3.30pm, did some washing, shopping for essentials and are all sitting doing our blogs and catching up with emails etc.

Apart from poor Adrian, who has to go back to work for 2 days, the rest of us are planning a quiet time in preparation for our next exciting adventure together – to the Greek Islands.

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