Resting Between Adventures

We have spent the last three days in Maindenhead, relaxing, catching up with the washing, etc.  On Friday night we spent a lovely evening with Janet and Adrian’s friends, Hilary and Andy and their son Oliver (Emily was working).  They made us most welcome in their home where they had organised a lovely BBQ in their beautiful back garden.  Lots of laughter and a good time had by all!

THE PHOTOS have now been posted to the blog site.  To view them, you need to go to the blog site, scroll down the right hand side until you get to the photo gallery – start from the bottom and work your way up to the newest ones.  We have kept them in the same sequence as the blog posts.  Please note, they have not been edited yet, so horizons may still be crooked and buildings a little distorted.

To view the photos, click on the album you wish to look at.  When it loads it automatically starts a slide show – if you would like to view them at your own speed, click on the pause button on the left hand side at the bottom.

As there are the odd one or two photos, we have not put captions on every photo, but you should be able to work out what they are because they are aligned with our blog post.

 So now, we are all packed and ready for the taxi to collect us tomorrow morning at 6.30am for our flight to Athens to begin our adventure in the Greek Islands.

We may not have access to the internet until we get back to the hotel in Athens, but will post our blogs as soon as we are able.

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