Italy Day 10 – Last Day

Day 10                   Rome                     Hot

 Please note there are several more photos up on the Gallery on our Blog site.

 After another leisurely breakfast, we headed off on foot to further explore Borghese gardens.  Trusty map in hand and via some back streets, we found the gardens and wandered through them for a couple of relaxing hours.  We found a lovely lake in the gardens, with the usual ducks and a little boy throwing bread to them.  We could have hired a row boat, but thought that may be pushing our luck a little bit. 

We also came across part of the old Roman walls, through which traffic still passes.  Richard was able to take some photos of the gates, which he had previously tried to get from the bus, but the photo had not turned out very well.

We walked back to the hotel and we were quite amused once again at they way the Italians park – we saw several Smart cars parked sideways to save room – and we even saw the smallest car we have ever seen. Its length was less than the width of the car it was parked beside!  There is a photo in the gallery on our blog.

We have been amazed at how close the Italians park their cars, sometimes with less than a foot between the other cars.  We have no idea how they get them out!

By 11.00 we were back at the hotel to have our showers and do our final packing, ready to check out of our room by 12.00.  We adjourned to the lounge to enter some more information onto the blog and to check emails, as we are being collected at 2.00pm for our trip to the airport, which will probably take about 45 minutes, depending on the traffic.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time in Italy.  The scenery and historical places we have visited have been absolutely amazing.  We’ve said it before, but history does come to life when you walk the same streets as the ancient Romans did many years before us. Places like Rome, Florence Pisa, Verona and Venice have to be seen to be believed. 

We have had no problems communicating with anybody, although sometimes we needed to use a mixture of English, Italian and sign language!

All of the people that we have come in contact with, have been friendly and helpful.

We have tried, wherever possible, to eat the traditional Italian foods of the area and found them to be very tasty – in fact, they appear to be more subtle flavours than the meals that we get from the Italian restaurants at home.  Richard has commented on many occasions that the wines are also more subtle and somewhat sweeter than the wines he has had in Australia.

We have been surprised that the weather has been so hot and humid.  We had packed a tracksuit/jeans, just in case the north of Italy was cool, but these clothes never left the suitcase!

While we are disappointed that our holiday it Italy is over, we are looking forward to returning to London to spend some more time with Janet and Adrian, helping Janet to celebrate her birthday and then heading off on our next adventure… to Ireland.

Arrividerci Roma !

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  1. Adrian Sutton says:

    In Italy and many other European countries, you never put your handbrake on when you park. That way when someone else wants to fit into the not-quite-big-enough gap, they just nudge the cars forward and backwards to make room. When someone needs to get out, they just bump the other cars out of the way.

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