R & R in Maidenhead

R & R in Maidenhead 

After a 45 minute drive from our hotel in Rome to the airport, we checked in, chatted with some other Australian tourists, who were returning home, and headed off to find our departure lounge.  We were surprised to discover that the only way to get to several of the departure lounges was via a shuttle train. 

We had an uneventful flight and were met at Heathrow by our trusty taxi service – aka Janet and Adrian.  It was nice to catch up with them and find out what they have been up to since they got back to Maidenhead.

 Tuesday 1 September               Maidenhead           Fine, cloudy 18 degrees

Today was the day to totally unpack and do all the washing! We also went for a walk down to the shops at Maidenhead and bought Richard another talking book as he has finished all the others (3 books totalling about 35 cds worth!)  Sandy then downloaded the new book onto the laptop and transferred it to the Ipod, with strict instructions that he is not allowed to start reading it until we go to Ireland. 

The weather is much cooler here than in Italy and the Greek Islands – thank goodness! 

After dinner, Janet and Sandy did some baking for Janet’s birthday party on Saturday.  They made Katharine’s chocolate slice, Maria’s Mars Bar slice and some apricot balls.

Wednesday 2 September          Maidenhead           Showers, 17 degrees

 Just after 9.00, we headed off down to the Maidenhead station for our adventure for the day.  We caught the overland train into Paddington, then the underground/tube to Kensington South, where we walked to Harrods and did some souvenir shopping.    We had lunch at a little eatery bar across the road and by then it was pouring, so we caught a taxi – a London Cab – to Oxford Street for some more shopping.  We walked almost the whole length of Oxford St looking for a pashmeena to match the dress Janet will be wearing on Saturday – no luck!  We had found one to match exactly in Harrods but thought better of it when we looked at the price tag 231 pounds – that is approximately $462 – yep you read right!!!

We walked to Oxford Circus (station), caught the tube to Notting Hill Gate, changed for Paddington and then the overland back to Maidenhead, arriving back at Janet & Adrian’s place just after 4.00pm. 

We had a great day and didn’t even get lost!

The four of us met Michael and Maggie for dinner at the Belgian Arms Pub about 10 minutes from here.  Michael is Sandy’s sister, Maria’s brother –in-law and Sandy has known him since she was 12 and he was 10.  Michael and Maggie live in Bray, which is about 15 minutes drive from here.  It was lovely to catch up with them and we had a lovely meal.  Michael and the proprietor of the Pub are good friends so we were assured of an extra nice meal.  Sandy and Adrian had haddock (rather like cod) and Richard had a Steak and Kidney Pudding – sort of like a pie, except it has a fine layer of bread instead of the pie crust; and Janet had cauliflower gratin with ham – very nice!  And then we all had sticky toffee pudding – mmm mmmmm!!

 Thursday 3 September             Maidenhead           showers, windy, cool 18 degrees

We did some more washing and Sandy finished off her postcards before we went for a walk to the shops to post the cards.  Other than our walk this morning and again after lunch, we had a lazy day, catching up with ourselves after a couple of strenuous but enjoyable weeks, ready for our next big adventure on Sunday to Ireland.

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