Janet’s Birthday

Saturday 5 September             Maidenhead           Beautiful day, then cloudy & cool

 Today was Janet’s birthday, so she opened her presents and cards sitting up in bed.

Adrian gave her a beautiful watch with bracelet to match and she was delighted to receive lots of cards and presents from family and close friends.

It was a beautiful sunny day (see photo in gallery) until late afternoon, when it clouded over and became quite cool.

Sandy drove Janet down to the hairdresser to get her hair blow-dried and managed to find her way home without getting lost!

While Janet was at the hairdresser, we got packed, ready for our trip to Ireland tomorrow.

At 2.30ish, Hilary, Andy and Oliver arrived to help us get organised for Janet’s birthday party, which was to be out in the garden at 3.00pm.

She had several friends from school and church, as well as people from the flats – 28 in total.  The idea of the get together was so that we could meet all her friends – we are very impressed with the lovely people that she and Adrian have become friends with and thoroughly enjoyed chatting to them all.

After everyone left at about 6.00, we tidied up the kitchen and sat down to open Janet’s presents and eat the leftover cob dip.

The time spent shopping for the party goodies yesterday afternoon and making home made slices on Tuesday, was well spent as everybody enjoyed the variety of things to eat.

We felt very privileged to have been able to share Janet’s birthday with her this year and to meet Janet and Adrian’s friends.

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