Ireland Day 8

Day 8           Ireland to Maidenhead              Cloudy, cool

 After an early breakfast, we filled the car up with petrol and returned it to Hertz.  We had done over 1500 kilometres in the 6 days that we were travelling.  We were very pleased that we had decided to include Ireland as part of our adventure.

Hertz took us in a shuttle bus to the airport, where we caught our British Midland flight to London Heathrow.  We continue to marvel at the size of Heathrow – it now has 5 terminals, all extremely busy!  We had to walk a considerable distance from the arrival gate to the main part of the terminal, where we picked up our bag – we didn’t have to go through Customs or Immigration as we were arriving back from Ireland.

Janet picked us up from Terminal 1 and we stopped at the Shire Horse Pub for lunch and a catch up chat, before heading back to Maidenhead, where we are looking forward to keeping Janet company while Adrian is in Australia for his sister, Lisa’s wedding.

Later this afternoon, we caught up to date with our washing and then went to St Mary’s church with Janet and met some of her friends who were unable to come to her birthday party.

We will spend the next two weeks exploring London and the bottom part of England.

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  1. Nicole says:

    Greetings Richard & Sandy

    What a fabulous time I have had over the past couple of mornings catching up with your adventures in the Greek Island, Italy & Ireland! Thankyou for making us feel like we are all right along with you both on this grand adventure.


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