Maidenhead/Adventuring Days 1, 2 & 3

Maidenhead/Adventuring Day 1                              Overcast/cool

 Not necessarily an exciting day, but certainly relaxing.  We caught up with all of our washing and Sandy spent a couple of hours at the hairdresser in Maidenhead.  We spent a quiet, but enjoyable evening with Janet.

Maidenhead/Adventuring Day 2                              Overcast/Raining/cool

 As the weather in Maidenhead this morning was clear with a few clouds, we decided to catch the train to London to go adventuring.  By the time we got to Paddington it was raining and so we changed our plans and went shopping instead.

When we got back to Maidenhead, we went to the bookshop to buy Richard another talking book – he is going through them quite quickly.  We bought him a James Bond this time – Devil May Care.  Then we walked down to Waitrose to get some groceries for dinner and walked back to Janet & Adrian’s flat, where we spent the rest of the evening relaxing with Janet.

 Maidenhead/Adventuring Day 3                              Cloudy no rain/cool top temp 17

 Today was adventure day!  We went to Bath… no, not the sort one needs a rubber duck for…

At 8.55, we caught the First Great Western train to Reading, changed there for a FAST train to Bath, where we arrived at approximately 10.30, after stopping at Swindon and Chippenham on the way. 

We walked a short distance to the Roman Baths, which date back to the first century AD.  The Romans arrived in the loop in the River Avon at a spot where mineral-rich water came to the surface at a constant temperature of 46 degrees Celsius and they decided to make use of this natural phenomenon and founded Aquae Sulis, which was the former name of Bath.  The baths are remarkably well-preserved, though no longer used.

We were able to go on a tour of the baths, using an audio aid, which narrated features about the baths as we passed specific points.  The complex was much bigger and more elaborate than we thought it would be.  There were six areas that we were able to visit – the Great Bath, East Baths, West Baths, Hot Spring, Museum and Temple Courtyard (which was a tribute to Sulis Minerva the goddess of water).

We went on the Skyline Bus Tour out into the country surrounding Bath, where we saw the Bath Abbey, the Holburne Museum, the University of Bath, Claverton Downs and the Prior Park Landscape Gardens.  It was interesting to note that the greatest majority of houses and buildings are built with bath stone, which is a honey colour.

After that, we decided to do the Hop On and Off bus tour around the city centre, before heading back to the station for a quick bite to eat and to catch the fast train back to Reading, then changed to Maidenhead and walked back to the flat.

We had a thoroughly enjoyable day.

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