Maidenhead/Adventuring Day 4

Maidenhead/Adventuring Day 4                    Cloudy and cool (very)

 We decided to go to Wimbledon today, so we walked down to Maidenhead station very briskly as a train was due, went to Paddington and changed there for the Wimbledon train – nice and easy today!  We had about a mile and a half walk when we got to the station, to get to the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis & Croquet Association (the official title).  Firstly, we looked through the museum for about an hour, where they had interesting information about tennis through the years, as well as a short movie about all the components that a good tennis player needs to play at Wimbledon, eg fluid intake, muscles, lung capacity, mechanics of the game etc

Our guide’s name was Mark and he took us for a one and a half hour tour of the tennis centre.  Firstly we went to Court One, past the various practice courts, which were in the different stages of redevelopment.  The grass on each court is replaced after each Wimbledon Championship.  The grass is removed and the court reseeded.  It will be interesting to see how they manage this process when the Olympics are held, because they won’t have the usual amount of time to get the grass into its perfect condition.

Then we went to Henman Hill, where we were able to climb to the top of the hill and see what the spectators see when they are sitting on the hill, watching the big screen, just outside Court One.

Mark gave us lots of interesting information about tennis in general, the Wimbledon Championships, the Tennis Centre and, of course, the players.

We also got to go into the Media Centre, and into the room where the players are interviewed by the media after their match.  Sandy got to sit in the players’ interview chair and Richard took a photo!

The excitement for Sandy was just being at Wimbledon after watching it on television for a number of years, but the ultimate for her was when Mark took us into Centre Court – WOW! It is huge and we were able to see the roof as part of it was closed.  She would really love to be there when there are players on it!!

So, besides the fact that it was quite cool, (to say the least) we had a great day.

When we got back to Maidenhead, we walked down to Waitrose and bought a leg of lamb and some veggies to roast for dinner.

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