Maidenhead/Adventuring Day 9 & 10

Day 9           Maidenhead/Adventuring                    Overcast and cool

 Today was a relaxing/not doing anything too much day!  We walked down to Maidenhead town to the library, which doubles as the Tourist Information, to see what there is to do in and around Maidenhead and to collect information for our planned trip to Cornwall early next week.

We also took the opportunity to wander around the shops and then came back to Janet & Adrian’s flat for lunch and a quiet afternoon.

We spent a lovely, but quiet evening with Janet – she did some marking; Sandy was on the internet planning our itinerary for upcoming adventures; and Richard was listening to a book on his iPod, which he constantly tells me is one of the best presents he ever got!

He is successfully able to access the internet on his iPod and has downloaded some podcasts, as well as keeping us up to date with the weather forecasts for the places we are planning on visiting.

 Day 10         Maidenhead/Adventuring                    Overcast and cool

 From our information we picked up yesterday, we decided to go on a short boat trip down the Thames River today.  We walked through the town, to The Promenade, by the Thames River and boarded the Windsor Sovereign for a lovely hour and a half leisurely trip to Windsor.

We passed through two lock systems, which are quite incredible.  In our case when the boat passed through the first gate, it was closed, then the water in the lock was lowered to the same level as the river on the downstream side of the lock, the gate in front of the boat was then opened and it continued its journey. 

There are over 40 locks on the River Thames and today we passed through Bray Lock and Boveney Lock.

The other interesting thing about our boat journey was that there were 49 people on the boat and Sandy was clearly the youngest!!!  There were two groups of elderly people, obviously out on an organised excursion – they were having a ball.

Our trip took us past some of the exclusive homes in Bray that we had seen from our River walk with Janet when we first arrived for our holiday. 

The boat captain pointed out homes belonging to Diana Doors, Rolf Harris, Michael Parkinson, Roger Moore and other celebrities.

We also passed the Windsor Racetrack and some of the playing fields of Eton College on our way to Windsor.

When we arrived at Windsor, we went for a walk through Eton, which is separated from Windsor by the river and then up to High Street and Castle Hill in Windsor, where we had lunch opposite the castle.

Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world.  It was first established by William the Conqueror in the 11th century.  Queen Elizabeth II spends most of her private weekends at Windsor Castle, which is regularly used for ceremonial and State occasions.

We did not tour the castle, as we had spent the whole day there, with Sandy’s sister, Maria and Dennis, in 2005.

After a wander around the shops, we made our way to Windsor and Eton Central Station and caught a train to Slough, where we changed for Maidenhead.

This evening, Janet has gone to her church Home Group and we are catching up with our blog and photos.

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