Maidenhead/Adventuring Day 15

Day 15 Maidenhead/Adventuring                   Overcast and cool

It was lovely to welcome Adrian home from Australia early this morning! 

We left Maidenhead at about 7.45am armed with Sean, Janet and Adrian’s trusty GPS and headed west on the Motorway (M4) until we got to the outskirts of Bristol and then Sean sent us South West on the M5 to Exeter.  The driving was very easy, with cruise control set, puddling along the motorway at about 70miles per hour (approx 123kph) along mainly flat country with the occasional hill.

We dropped off some parcels to Emily, who is Janet’s friends, Hilary & Andy’s daughter – she has moved down there for Uni.  When we arrive at approx 10.30, Emily invited us in for morning tea – she had made some lovely little cakes! We stayed for a little while and had a chat to her and her flatmates.

Before leaving Exeter, we went for a drive through the city and had a quick look at the Cathedral.

We continued south west through the Dartmoor National Park to Plymouth, where Sir Francis Drake set sail for his around the world voyage in 1577.    Sir Francis was also the mayor of Plymouth at one stage.  Plymouth was also known for the departure point for the Mayflower and Pilgrim Fathers in 1620, as they set sail for
“The New World” (America).

Further explorations that left from Plymouth included three of Captain James Cook’s voyages to the South Pacific.

The original town of Plymouth grew up on the shores of Sutton Pool, a naturally sheltered harbour.

We wandered around the harbour and over a series of swing bridges that allow access to deep moorings and found a “museum” called the Plymouth Mayflower Exhibition, so we decided to go in.  We were a bit disappointed with the exhibition, because it really was three floors with one room each floor, with basic information, largely in pictorial form, with some seaside sounds coming out of some speakers.  They didn’t have a replica of the Mayflower, which we were expecting to see – unless you can call the one that was about 12 inches long, a reasonable replica.

However, the rest of our time in Plymouth was fantastic.  We walked up through the Barbican Maritime Village to the top of the hill, in front of the Royal Citadel, overlooking the Plymouth Sound.  We watched as two of Her Majesty’s battleships “put to sea”.

We continued our journey into Cornwall to Looe, where we will spend the night at Trehaven Manor Hotel, which is perched on a hill overlooking the river, the seven arched Victorian bridge and the boat harbour.  We have a magnificent room, which is huge and even the toilet has a spectacular view.  Our hosts, Ella and Neil are delightful and have gone out of their way to ensure that we have everything we need.

After setting in, we went for a walk – climbed down many steps to roadway – and walked along the river to the village, where we wandered through the narrow streets, looking at the shops, restaurants and pubs.  We found ourselves at the beachfront overlooking the entrance to the river and boat harbour.  We wandered around the seashore for awhile and then went off to find somewhere to have an early tea.

Looe reminds us a little of Whitby, as most of the houses/buildings are built into the side of the hills on either side of the river, with just the town centre nestling on flat ground between the river and the beach.

Our first day of adventuring into Devon and Cornwall has been superb.

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  1. Paul Sutton says:

    Welcome to Looe. feel I can say that since we got there first last year. Your accom sounds as big as ours was small. Despite the size (max one leg in the shower at a time and 2 feet in the loo space was impossible) our accom was wonderfully homely. Still, I expect the welcome in cornwall is always warm unless you are English aristocracy! Enjoy the trip. We had a wonderful time and I am sure you will too. Thank you for the blog – makes us want to come back. love Paul & Michelle

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