River Cruise Day 3

River Cruise Day 3          Budapest      Sunny, Warm – 25 degrees (at 11.30am)

We went to bed last night with our curtains open so that we could have a lovely view of the river and the Liberty Bridge and we woke this morning to views of the city and the bridge mirrored in the river.

After taking several photos and enjoying the view, we went to breakfast, which was delicious, and when we came back to our cabin, our lovely cabin stewardess, Adelina, had made up our room and had brought one of the towels out from the bathroom and had made a dog shape with it and had put Richard’s sunglasses on it – see blog gallery for photo.  We were very impressed with her creativity and we had a good laugh – we were able to tell Adelina how much we appreciated it as she was doing the room opposite ours when we came out to go on our excursion.

At 8.30, we were picked up by 4 buses and headed off to the Pest (pronounced Pesht) side of the river.  Budapest is made up of two original towns Buda on the west side of the river and Pest on the east side and they joined to become one city.

Our bus took us on a scenic drive, many of the places we had seen on our Saturday Hop On and Off Bus tour, but it was interesting this morning because of the different time of the day and because we had a local tour guide, Katelyne, who gave us a different interesting commentary, with just the right amount of historical facts, stories and some humour thrown in too.

We spent some time at the Heroes Square, also called the Millenium Monument, before going over to the eastern side of the river, to the Buda side to spend some time at the Hilltop Castle area, including the Fishermen’s Bastion and the Matthias Church.

From vantage points high on the hill, we were able to get some spectacular views of Budapest and the Danube River.  Because today is a sunny day, the blue sky made the river live up to its name – the Blue Danube.

We had a most enjoyable morning and returned to the boat for a beautiful buffet lunch. So far the meals have been really enjoyable with lots of choices to suit everyone’s tastes.

We decided that we would have a quiet afternoon relaxing onboard. 

We have posted yesterday’s photos onto the gallery because last night the internet connection onboard was extremely slow and appeared to be unstable.

At 6.15 it was “All On Board” and at exactly 6.30pm, we glided gracefully away from the dock to start our journey on the Danube and the Rhine to Amsterdam.

Even although the night air was cool, we enjoyed sitting on the Sky Deck, watching the beautiful city of Budapest and its lovely bridges decked out with lights glide past.

After a Port Meeting with the Cruise Director (she told us about Bratislava, Slovakia, where we will be visiting tomorrow), we went to the dining room at for a four course dinner, which was very tasty.  The courses are only small, but give us the opportunity to try all the different tastes of the country we are in.

We spent an enjoyable evening chatting with the other people at our table.

As you can’t book tables, we tend to be sitting with different people at each meal, which is great, because we are getting to meet some really nice people.

Today was a beautiful day in Budapest, Hungary.

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  1. Janet says:

    I love what the lady did with the dog – that’s awesome!!

  2. Maria Hughes says:

    Love the dog – very creative – Budapest certainly looks a beautiful city – Adrian from work was right – keep enjoying every minute and love from all in Leetonxxxx

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