River Cruise Day 10

River Cruise Day 10         Bamberg      Overcast, rain, sunshine and COLD top of 9 deg

 We continued along the Main-Danube canal overnight.  It is fascinating to think that we passed over the biggest canal bridge yesterday – it had to be big, because we went over the bridge and the cars went under it!  We had visions of someone driving along the road and looking up onto the bridge that they were about to go under, to discover not a train, but a huge boat going overhead!!!

Our adventure for this morning was a tour of Bamberg, which has one of Europe’s largest fully intact old town centres.  Bamberg is also famous because it is the home of Bosch – the factory employs over 8,000 people and here, they manufacture motor vehicle components. Their other main industry is agriculture – market growers.

The coaches picked us up from the boat and 15 minutes later, dropped us off at the town centre.

We visited the Old Harbour, where we saw the Old Slaughterhouse which is now a Library – the slaughterhouse was situated on the river Pegnitz and made for easy access.  From there we had a view across the river to the Dominican Monastery.

We continued our walk over the River, past the River Town Hall, which was built in the centre of the river on an island, which satisfied both the bishops and the villagers, who each wanted it on their own side of the river.  The foundation that stuck out into the river was built with a point at the front, so that it would break up the ice flows coming down the river, thereby protecting the building.

From there we went to Bamberg Cathedral and our guide pointed out that the 2nd bishop of Bamberg became the Pope of the Catholic Church – Clemente II.  In the Cathedral, we saw a sculpture of The Bamberg Horseman – the story goes that he rode into the church thinking that it was the castle; the tomb of the imperial couple,  lovely hand carved choir stalls; and a gold altar.

We walked out the side entrance of the cathedral directly into the courtyard of the residence of one of the emperors, who wanted to have direct access to the church.  We visited the Palace Rose Garden, where there was a view of the Old Monastery, which is now an old people’s home.

After the official part of the tour was over, our guide took us back to the meeting point for the bus and we were given approximately 90 minutes to roam around the shopping area, as well as the Grower’s market.  We bought Richard a new pair of gloves and went off exploring through the shopping streets to the river and back to the bus for our return to the Artistry for lunch.

After lunch, Richard and I had a tour of the Ship’s Galley, where we were shown where the various preparation areas are, they have distinct areas for cold food preparation (salads and desserts), hot food preparation (meats and vegetables).  They have a great oven system which can also steam vegetables and the best part is that the oven cleans itself, a little bit like a giant dishwasher.

The rest of the afternoon was free time and we spent it in our cabin, relaxing, reading and watching the locks as we went through.  We also had our own afternoon tea in the shape of a lovely pastry which we bought in Bamberg this morning.

We are now out of the canal and into the Main River (pronounced Mine).  Between Bamberg and Wurzburg there are 14 locks and there are 34 locks on the Main River altogether, before we get to the Rhine Gorge.

We will continue to travel this evening and through the night and will be in Wurzburg in the morning.

We have enjoyed today, even although it was raining for part of our walking tour this morning, but Bamberg is certainly a lovely city.  The fact that we were able to wander around and explore for a little while on our own was good.  It is a clean little town and has great pastry shops!

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  1. Maria Hughes says:

    Hi Sis and Richard – Mum loved hearing from you yesterday afternoon – she keeps saying you sound so clear and close by!! All fine here – we are off to Imogen’s 3rd birthday party on Saturday in Yarrawonga. It was originally last w/e but the girls were both sick with a viral rash which was contagious!! All fine now so hoping for a sunny day as we have had lots of showery days here. Keep having a wonderful time, much love from us all here in Leeton xxxx

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