River Cruise Day 12 – Miltenberg

River Cruise Day 12         Miltenberg            Cloudy, occasional sun, cold – top of 7 deg

We were able to have sleep in this morning and woke to a strange foggy morning, with the fog hugging the river and the riverbanks.

The Artistry continued her journey along the Main River and arrived at Miltenberg at about 12.30pm.  We spent the morning relaxing – Sandy read her book and Richard had another sleep as he has a sore throat. 

We continued to pass through many locks with varying degrees of drop, but by now, the fascination has almost worn off as we just went through lock number 55 or 56 of 68.

We also enjoyed looking out the sliding glass doors of our cabin, watching the little villages and the wonderful autumn leaves glide past.

After lunch, we joined a walking tour of this small Franconian village, which is located on the River Main between the Odenwald Forest and the scenic Spessart Region.

We were shown through some of the very narrow laneways between the older, but still ornate houses and along the main street, which is known for its Framework buildings from the 15th to 17th centuries.

We also saw the remains of the ancient city walls, while our guide related stories from the past, which were interesting and funny, rather than historical.  She used fairy tales such as Hansel and Gretel and Rumpelstiltskin to demonstrate that even the fairy tales had some basis in history, especially in the little villages of poor people in Bavaria.

While we enjoyed the walking tour and the free time we had to wander the streets on our own, the wind made the low temperature even cooler – actually bitterly cold!- and so we were pleased that we had taken both heavy coats and gloves, but decided to get back to the boat as soon as we could, after a visit to the local pharmacy, as Richard was still not feeling well.

Sandy went to an onboard presentation this afternoon on “How to prepare the best vanilla cookies in the world”, which was a lot of fun.

They have just cast off from the dock and we are about to head off to our next port of call tomorrow – Rudesheim.

We are looking forward to the Crew Show tonight after dinner.

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