River Cruise Day 14 Cologne

River Cruise Day 14         Cologne                  Raining, cold, breezy        top of 15??

 The Artistry arrived at Cologne in the early hours of the morning. We woke to rain, wind and cold, so because Richard wasn’t feeling 100% and our tour this morning was for two and a half hours and it was a walking tour, we decided not to go.  We stayed in our cabin and did yesterday’s blog and photo gallery, working out which castle was which and generally relaxing.

After lunch, the sun came out momentarily and it had stopped raining, so we decided to go for a walk to the Cathedral, which was supposed to be a twenty minute walk.  We walked reasonable quickly and it took us thirty minutes, but we were glad we made the effort because the gothic Cathedral, with its twin spires that can be seen for miles, was really worth the visit.  The stained glass windows, which dated between 1507 and 1509, were amongst the most colourful that we have seen in our tours and luckily for us, the sun came out briefly so that Richard could take the photos. 

The mosaic floor was quite elaborate, but we were not able to get a clear go at taking a photo.

It is a pity that both the interior and exterior of the Cathedral are suffering the effects of time and pollution – the stonework, while very ornate, is also very dirty.  Attempts are being made to remove some of the staining; however, it appears as though it will be a long time before this is complete.

We had a brief look around some of the shops, including the Apotheke (chemist) before wandering back along the Konrad-Adenauer-Ufer (River walk/promenade) to our boat.  Cologne is the home of 4711 perfume but we didn’t go to the “eau de cologne” shop as we wanted to get back to the boat.

We have been amazed at the amount of traffic on the river. Barges come past our mooring every few minutes, some of them so laden that they barely have any freeboard.  Interestingly most of the barges carry at least one car at the rear of the vessel.

We have also seen a number of day cruise boats and even two police boats.

Tonight we will be having our Onboard Gala Farewell Dinner – the reason that it is tonight and not tomorrow night, is that tomorrow night some of us are going on an optional excursion into Amsterdam.

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