Day 17 River Cruise Amsterdam – Maidenhead

River Cruise Day 17         Amsterdam  – Maidenhead         Overcast and cool

 By 7.30am we were up, but the sun was not!  As their winter is approaching, the days are getting shorter.

After breakfast, we went for a walk over to the Central Station complex and around the docks.  Again the number of people riding bicycles astounded us and we had to be particularly careful when crossing roads as the cyclists appear to have total right of way….. or at least THEY think so! 

Our airport transfer picked us up from our hotel at 11.30am and delivered us to Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.  We had a nice chat to the driver on the way – everyone that we have met has been so friendly.  He commented that he always find the Australians to be very friendly and easy to get along with.

As we sat at the airport waiting for our flight back to London, we reflected on the past two and a half weeks of the cruise again and feel very lucky that we have had this opportunity.

We arrived back in London just before 3.00pm local time and met our private taxi in the prearranged spot.  This is not the same as the taxis we have at home – they have no distinguishing signs on them and operate BMWs and Mercedes.

We unpacked, settled back into our second home, and when Janet got home from work, we went for a walk with her to the shops, meeting Adrian, who was on his way home.

It is lovely to be able to spend another few days with them!

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  1. Nicole says:

    Hi Richard & Sandy

    Have enjoyed cruising with you both for the past 2.5 weeks via your blogs and pics. Glad you have arrived safely back in the UK and looking forward to your next adventures before your return to Aus.

    Best Wishes

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