River Cruise Day 16 Amsterdam

River Cruise Day 16         Sunny           top temp of 12 degrees

 After breakfast we said farewell to some of the lovely people we have met on our River Cruise.  We have had a wonderful time over the past two weeks – we have seen so many beautiful places and experienced lots of new things. 

We didn’t have any bad experiences at any time during the tour and both thought that Avalon Waterways did a fabulous job of making us feel very special. 

Our cabin was always clean and very comfortable – every night our cabin stewardess turned down our bed and left a chocolate on our pillow.  We didn’t feel at all cramped, with more than sufficient space for our clothes and for us to move around within the cabin.  The double glass sliding doors gave the cabin a feeling of spaciousness and allowed us to get some fresh air and really see the countryside that we were passing through. 

The whole boat was really well-appointed and spacious.  The meals were excellent and always had enough choices to suit all tastes. 

The included land tours were well done and the optional extra tours were great because they gave us the chance to see more, often out into the country.

Our Cruise Director, Gusta, was fantastic – she kept us up to date via a daily newsletter and Port talks each evening, so that we always knew where we were supposed to be and when. 

So, to sum up, our River Cruise has been fantastic and we take away many happy memories……….. along with hundreds of photos!!!

We were picked up from the Artistry at 10.00 to take us to the Crowne Plaza, where we will be spending an extra night tonight.  Unfortunately our room wasn’t ready when we got there, so we checked our suitcases in and went exploring.

We walked over to the next block and caught the Amsterdam version of the Hop on and Off bus, which took an hour and three quarters and only stopped twice.  However, one of the stops, included in the cost, was a tour of the Gassan Diamond Factory, which was very interesting.  Also included in our tour is the hop on and off canal boat, but as we have already been on a canal cruise yesterday, we chose not to do that part of it.

When we arrived back at our starting point, we headed off on foot to do some more exploring.  By now it was lunch time and we were feeling peckish decided to do as many of the tourists wandering around were doing, and that was to buy a paper cone full of beautiful tasting hot chips and ate them while we continued to wander around.

We walked down Damrak Street, past the Town Hall, which has a temporary carnival in front of it, past the Dam statue and wandered around through the shopping streets, dodging pedestrians, cyclists and trams.

We returned to our hotel to check in via the Old Town Hall, which has been converted to a shopping centre, and the palace – we didn’t take any photos of the palace as it is covered in scaffolding.

One of the things that has impressed us here is that we have had no trouble communicating here in Amsterdam because English is their second language and they all learn it at school.

We spent the evening trying to get on to the internet to post our blog and photos.

We are really looking forward to getting back to London so that we can see Janet and Adrian and spend some more valuable time with them.

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