Maidenhead Day 1 and 2

Maidenhead Day 1 and 2                      Overcast, showers, cold

 Yesterday, Tuesday, we did the washing and walked down to the shop to get Richard a new talking book and something nice for us all for dinner.  Nothing exciting today – but we enjoyed relaxing.

We spent the evening with Janet and Adrian, catching up with all the news.

Today, we went with Janet to The Piggott School, so she could show us where she works.  It is about 20 minutes drive from here. 

We met some of her colleagues and saw her teaching room, her office, the computer lab, the staffroom and the reception area.  Richard took some photos (of course!) and it was lovely to be able to see where she spends her days – when she tells us stories now, we will be able to visualise where she is talking about.

Sean directed us back to Maidenhead in Janet’s car – no problems finding our way!

We decided to go into London for the day, despite the predicted cool and showery weather.  We had planned to do the London Hop On and Off Bus on our return to Maidenhead and there was no guarantee that the weather for our remaining days was going to get any better.

We caught the train in to Paddington and found the Hop On and Off bus stop across the road from the station. We had just finished purchasing our tickets when a bus came along at about 10.15am.  There were no seats left downstairs or in the covered section on the top level, so we had to sit in the open area of the top level.  It was cold and by now very light misty rain was falling, so we were not sure that we had made the right decision.  The rain didn’t last long and we had a wonderful time, seeing all the sights of London once more…… however, we didn’t actually get off the bus, we just rode around like tourists!!    We changed seats in the bus a couple of times, sitting downstairs when several people got off and then again up the top as the weather improved.  We were surprised at the number of people on the bus – it was packed.

At times, the bus didn’t move very fast as the city appeared to be in gridlock – firstly, we had roadworks, then every light seemed to be red, then people were making turns in front of the bus when they shouldn’t have been.  The only time the bus appeared to be able to move freely was when we were going past the scenic attractions that we would have liked to photograph.  As a result of this and the fact that it was raining for part of the time, we have not taken many photos today.

The circuit took three hours and by then we were hungry, so we had lunch at a little café before heading back to the station for our train. 

We have had some incredibly good luck with timing for the trains during the past almost 13 weeks.  Many times, we have been changing trains, walking from one platform to the next, to find our train there or arriving in 2 or 3 minutes – we have never had a long wait.

Today was no exception – this morning, we walked down to the station, bought our tickets and got to the platform as our train was arriving and this afternoon, we walked into Paddington Station, looked up at the train departure board, to find that a train was heading to Maidenhead in 4 minutes, which gave us just enough time to walk over to platform 11 and get settled on the train before it departed!!

Janet had parent meetings after work today and Adrian and the two of us picked her up at about 20 to 7 because we were meeting Hilary and Andy and their son Oliver, for dinner at a lovely Chinese Restaurant about 35 minutes from here.  It was lovely to get an opportunity to say goodbye to them.  We had a thoroughly enjoyable evening – the food was great – it was one of those places where there was a standard charge and they kept bringing out as many dishes as you wanted. We had entrees and then they brought out their speciality – crispy duck – you take a small, thin rice pancake, spread some sauce on it, put shallots and cucumber on it, then some crispy duck, roll it up and voila!  Very tasty!  They served as many main meals as we wanted, and before too long, it was time to go home!

Hilary and Andy (and Oliver and Emily) are such a lovely family and we are very pleased that Janet and Adrian have such lovely friends.

We arrived home at about 10.30 and got on to the internet to check in for our flight home, which leaves here on Friday night at 10.05pm.  We are delighted to have seats on the Upper Deck of the A380 again.

Although we miss everyone at home, it has been lovely spending time with Janet and Adrian and the 13 weeks of our holidays have been so enjoyable that we would love to continue adventuring over here……

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  1. Nicole says:

    I hope the two of you have a safe and hassle free flight/journey home. Looking forward to seeing you back at work Richard, the place just hasn’t been the same without you.

    Best Wishes

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