Maidenhead Day 3 and 4

Maidenhead Day 3 and 4                     Overcast, cool

 Yesterday, Thursday, we enjoyed just spending time at home, relaxing with our usual walk into Maidenhead to get a few groceries.  Also Sandy downloaded the talking book onto Richard’s iPod.  That is now five books that Richard has read on holidays and one ready for him for to listen to on the plane home.

In the evening, Adrian and Sandy went to see the musical “The Lion King”, which was fantastic.  Janet has seen it twice before (once with Katharine in Sydney – a Christmas gift from Eenie; and once with the Qld Youth Choir with Fran when they were in London) and Richard wasn’t all that interested in going as he has trouble seeing what is happening on the stage.  As Adrian hadn’t seen it, Sandy asked him on Monday evening if he would like to see it and he jumped at the opportunity and quickly got on line to book our seats.

Sandy and Adrian caught the 5.30pm train from Maidenhead to London Holborn, with a change of train at Ealing Broadway, just before Paddington.  After a short walk to the theatre, we had collected our tickets, visited the bathroom and were settled into our seats at 7.00pm!  Just love British transport!  The Lion King was showing at the Lyceum Theatre, which has been there since 1765, although it has had several additions and refurbishments since then. 

Our seats were excellent – we were sitting in the Royal Circle, which is the first balcony, in Row G, with a fantastic view over the whole stage and the extra things that happened off stage – in the boxes and in the audience!!

From the moment Rafiki came out onto the stage and commenced singing “The Circle of Life”, we were entranced – the scenery and costuming was just fantastic!!

When the show finished, we did our trip in reverse and got home at about midnight after a wonderful evening spent with my son-in-law!

On Friday, we had a sleep in and packed our suitcases.  We walked into town and got the ingredients for Sandy to make a stew/casserole for dinner.

When Janet and Adrian got home from work, we had a chat for a while, had dinner and then they took us to the airport.  They waited while we got checked in and then it was time to say our sad goodbyes.

Shortly after 10.00pm London time, our A380 Airbus left Heathrow for its 12 hour flight to Singapore.  We were on the opposite side of the top deck in the same row as on the way over.  We love this particular aeroplane – it has extra room, is very quiet and the Singapore Airlines staff are fantastic.  The food was good and they brought us copious amounts of water, juice etc – which was good, because Sandy wasn’t feeling very well – had succumbed to a head cold, which turned into bronchitis.  We arrived in Singapore at about 5.30 pm – funnily enough, we had just been served a lovely breakfast.  Approximately three hours later, after checking out the duty free shops and chemist, and having a cuppa, we boarded our A330 for our final leg of our holiday back to Brisbane.

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