Sunday 25 October – Brisbane

Sunday 25 October                   Brisbane                                   HOT !!!!!!!

After a good flight, we arrived in Brisbane at 6.30am and by the time we cleared customs (we had to have our suitcases x-rayed – not sure why!) it was 7.30am.

We were met by Eenie with a huge bright green sign, almost the same colour as her car – “THIS WAY TO THE BEAUTIFUL LITTLE GREEN CAR” and a big grin on her face!  When we got out to her car there was a green sign on the back of it “STOP – THIS IS IT” and there was another one on the side window “LUGGAGE AND BROTHER”. 

When we got home to Camp Hill and walked into our lounge room, there was a Welcome Home sign, with some Aussie flags and balloons and a kangaroo and card from Janet’s friend Fran – very lovely and much appreciated!

Eenie stayed for a cuppa and a chat – it sure was lovely to see her after all this time!  She had been over to our house and cleaned it, bought a few groceries, made the beds with fresh sheets etc and had been looking after our garden for us, doing some pruning etc – she is just amazing! (our lovely neighbours collected our mail, watered our potplants and mowed the lawn for us – we are lucky to have them!)

We spent the day unpacking and putting everything away, opening 13 weeks of mail and struggling to stay awake until it was time to pick up Meika, the spoilt and much-loved Tonkinese pussy cat, at 4.30pm!

We had an early dinner – soup that Eenie had made for us – and were in bed by 6.00pm and were asleep by 6.01pm!  We slept the whole night and woke up just after 4.00am on Monday morning, feeling much more human.

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