Reflecting on our BIG Adventure

 We couldn’t let our BIG adventure end without some last comments.

As we started our adventure, we were a little concerned that months and months of planning had built an expectation much higher than was possible to be in reality, but the end result was even better than we thought possible. 

We had no major hassles, which was amazing, considering the length of time that we have been away, the number of flights we have taken, and the number of tours/activities/accommodation we had pre-booked.

Overall, we were impressed with Globus, who we booked our Greek Islands, Italy and River Cruise tours through – they have a wonderful reputation throughout Europe, which meant that we were given extra special treatment as their clients.  We were impressed with the quality of service we received, how well-organised the tours were and the friendliness of all the people associated with their organisation.

Janet and Adrian did a fantastic job organising the accommodation for our Road Trip through Scotland and their little car did them proud, carting the four of us and a bootfull of luggage through the highlands, lowlands and Outer Hebrides.

When planning our Adventure, we decided that we would like to see a lot of places, even for a short time, rather than a fewer number of places for a longer time.  While there were certainly several places that we would have liked to stay longer, we were happy to have had the opportunity to see the number of wonderful places that we did.

The weather was extremely kind to us – we calculated we had only six days of rain – and none of the plans for these six days had to be changed because of the weather. 

It was extremely hot in the Greek Islands and Italy, quite cool towards the end of our trip in Germany and the Netherlands, and very pleasant the rest of the time.

We travelled through twelve countries and had no trouble in communicating with them.  We were surprised at the number of people we came in contact with who spoke quite fluent English.  Everyone we met was very helpful and friendly.

Before we left Australia, Adrian created our Blog site for us so that we could keep in touch with family and friends.  Very early in our trip, we discovered that recording our daily activities and posting some photos was fantastic. It gave us the opportunity to reflect on each day’s activities, as well as giving our family and friends the opportunity to follow our adventures.  We now have a really good record of what we have done over the past 13 weeks and we have over two and a half thousand photos on the web (as well as thousands more) to remind us of our wonderful adventure. 

We were delighted with the number of people who took the opportunity to keep in touch with us via their comments to our blog site or emails directly to us. 

We were extremely grateful to be able to have Janet and Adrian’s flat as our home base. Their flat became our second home and while we enjoyed our various excursions to Europe, Italy and Ireland, we also looked forward to being able to spend time with them, relaxing and enjoying their company, exploring the area they live in and meeting their friends.

We could not have done this trip without being able to go “home” to recharge our batteries, ready for the next adventure. 

For the two of us, this adventure has been something that we have dreamt of, but until recently, never thought possible. 

We feel really blessed that we were able to share such a wonderful experience together and, although we have tried, no words will ever be able to describe exactly how we feel.

So, this is the end of our BIG adventure…… until next time……… back to porridge and old clothes…….

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