Maidenhead, United Kingdom 2011

Monday 4 April

Katharine picked us up at 11.30am and took us to the Brisbane International Airport to check in with Singapore Airlines for our flight to London.  We had lunch with her before heading off.  Sandy was delighted to catch up with a colleague from work, Kasey and her husband, who were heading off overseas too.  The flight from Brisbane to Singapore was quite pleasant – we both watched movies and enjoyed being spoilt by the Singapore flight attendants.  Coming into Singapore, we could see the lights from ships that were waiting to dock in the harbour – it looked liked fairyland.  We had a 3 hour stopover at Changi Airport and then a very long flight to London on the top deck of the A380, which we found to be comfortable and quiet.  We spent a fair amount of time with the seat belt sign on because there was turbulence, but we didn’t think that it was all that rough.

Tuesday 5 April

Finally, we arrived at London Heathrow and after waiting for a long time for our suitcases, we finally got to see Janet and Adrian, who were waiting for us. It was wonderful to be able to give them lots of hugs.  Unfortunately, Adrian had to then head of to work – he caught the express train into the city and Janet drove us to our home-away-from home at Maidenhead.

The weather was cool – 9 degrees and overcast and there were a few showers on the way home from the airport.  After being seated for so long it was nice to wander around the grocery store, Waitrose, with Janet.  This brought back some happy memories of our visit in 2009, when we walked to Waitrose every day that we were in Maidenhead, in between our adventures.  Later in the afternoon Janet took us to the big Mothercare store in Slough where we had fun looking at all the new baby clothes etc. planning what we are going to buy once we know what colour we need.

We all had dinner together and sat around chatting – Richard lasted until just after 8.00 before his eyes started closing and Sandy lasted until after 9.00 before heading off to bed.

Wednesday 6 April

Fine, Sunny, warmish –20 degrees.

After a good night’s sleep and getting the washing done, Sandy headed off with Janet to a joint Baby Shower for Janet and Laura, from their church home group, while Richard headed off to explore the shopping precinct in Maidenhead.  Janet and Sandy had a lovely morning at Philippa’s place in Windsor.  Philippa had gone to a lot of trouble with decorations, little cupcakes all individually decorated and fun games, with prizes.  We had a leisurely afternoon, had dinner and then Janet and Sandy went to Janet’s school, the Piggott School, to a music concert, which was very enjoyable.  Janet enjoyed seeing some of her very talented students performing and catching up with some of her teacher friends.  Sandy has thoroughly enjoyed meeting some of Janet’s friends today.

Thursday 7 and Friday 8 April (Happy Anniversary Maria and Dennis)

Fine, Sunny, warmish – 20 degrees.

We had leisurely days at home, catching up with Janet’s stories and doing some housework, as well as going for a walk around the district in the lovely sunshine.  Tomorrow is Janet’s due date, so we are all excitedly awaiting the new arrival.


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  1. Nicole says:

    Hi Sandy & Richard

    Glad that you arrived safe and well and that your enjoying the “sunshine and warmth” over there. Weather here has been varied but already I am thinking it is starting to get cold.

    Looking forward to hearing news of baby’s arrival.

    Nicole 🙂

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