Out to dinner, Ella comes home, Big surprise arrives

Friday 15 April

The four of us went out to dinner to the Novello Pub and had a wonderful night together – the food was lovely – see photo in gallery – and the company was magnificent.  Little did we know that this would be the last night that Janet and Adrian would be out to dinner as a “couple” because Janet’s labour started at midnight.  See separate blog about the birth – sorry this is out of order – we were a “little” distracted!!

Saturday 16 April

We picked up our hire car – a 7 seater VW Sharan in the morning, ready for our visitor (Katharine) on Monday.  We decided on a 7 seater so that we can all travel in the one car when we go anywhere.  (It was fortunate that we had picked it up as we used it to drive Janet and Adrian to hospital – they were able to sit in the back comfortably and Adrian was able to continue to support Janet during her contractions.)

Monday 18 April

Overcast but warm – 20 degrees

Janet and Adrian brought their special little bundle home from hospital today at approximately 1.30pm, to their home in Maidenhead – how exciting.  Ella enjoyed her first car trip and slept most of the way.  She settled into her home and had a quiet afternoon with Mummy and Daddy, while Nanna and Poppa went to the shops.

At approximately 4.30pm the two of us headed off to Heathrow to pick Katharine up from her flight from Australia and also a very big surprise for Janet and Adrian.  Katharine, Steve, Eenie and the two of us have been plotting and planning for months to organise for Eenie to come over to England to surprise Janet and Adrian.  We couldn’t believe that we managed to pull it off without anyone knowing or any of us putting our foot in it! The look on Janet and Adrian’s face when Eenie walked into their flat was priceless!!  See photos on Gallery.

Because Janet and Adrian’s flat only has 2 bedrooms, with us occupying one and Katharine camped on the lounge room floor, we organised for Eenie to reside in the hotel just up the road from Janet and Adrian’s flat – just 8 minutes walk away or 2 minutes in the car.


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  1. Michelle says:

    You are all so clever and I am so glad for Eenie and Janet. have fun Katherine.

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