New adventures for Ella

Tuesday 19 to Friday 22 April – sunny, warmish

The past few days have been spent doing the usual baby things – feeding (actually watching Janet feeding), watching Ella sleeping, cuddling her, and doing the mundane things like the washing, ironing etc.

However, there have been a few exciting things:  Ella had her first bath at home; Ella had her first walk in her pram, accompanied by Janet, Adrian, Katharine, Eenie and the two of us, to walk Eenie up Shoppenhangers Road to her hotel.   Ella loved her pram and slept the whole way. The other exciting thing we did was that we went into Maidenhead to buy a few things and Janet had Ella in the baby carrier (we used to call them a possum pouch).  Several people stopped to look at the beautiful baby!!  See photos of both excursions in gallery.

Yesterday, we drove Katharine to Windsor/Eton Riverside railway station to meet her friend Melissa, who is currently over from Australia and working in a school nearby.  Katharine had a wonderful day, exploring the area in the sunshine and catching up with Melissa.

A lot of shenanigans took place yesterday evening while Katharine was trying to wake Ella up for a feed – Ella had slept for 5 hours !  Ella was fast asleep and despite Katharine’s efforts, it took quite some time to wake her.

Currently, Eenie is nursing Ella, who is asleep, Janet is checking her emails on her laptop, Adrian and Richard are both playing with photos on their laptops, Katharine is playing WiiFit and I am doing the blog on our laptop – the age of technology!

We are all thoroughly enjoying our time together.


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  1. Bruce Vaschina says:

    Looks like everything’s going very well Richard!

    An unrelated comment / piece of info you I thought you might like to know – one of “your vintage” colleagues is retiring – Barry Dale – the farewell function is on this Friday. Let me know if you wanted to pass on any message.

    Bruce V.

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