Saturday 23 April – Saturday 30 April

Sat 23 April to Saturday 30 April

Most of the last week has been spent relaxing and enjoying our time with Ella and the family.

Saturday 23 April – Fine and Warm

In the late afternoon, Katharine, Eenie and the two of us went for a drive down to the Thames River at Maidenhead and then went for a walk along the river bank to Boulter’s Lock and watched the boats going through the lock. We walked and over the little bridge to Ray Mill Island and along to Boulter’s Weir.  We all thoroughly enjoyed our walk out in the sunshine.

Sunday 24 April – Fine and Warm

As it is Easter Sunday today, we had a nice roast lamb dinner for lunch – very nice.  The lamb here is quite different to Australian lamb – it is a different texture and quite pinkish (and quite a lot more expensive!)  Interestingly, the petrol here is approximately £1.39, which means that we are paying $2.21 a litre for petrol!!

Katharine, Eenie and the two of us again went for a drive down to the river in the afternoon and walked along the Thames Path towards Bray.  The path meandered along the river, under the railway bridge and under a canopy of trees, with lovely views across the river to the houses, or should we say mansions.  Richard and Katharine took lots of photos and Katharine played with her’s and Steve’s new telephoto lens, which they purchased duty free just before she came on holidays.  Richard is delighted with the zoom on his new camera.

In the evening, the two of us and Katharine went with Janet and Adrian for Ella’s first visit to their church at St Mary’s in Maidenhead.  Ella was the perfect baby and slept through the entire service as well as supper afterwards.

Monday 25 April, Anzac Day – Lest We Forget.  Fine but slightly cooler

Eenie and the two us drove Katharine over to Staines to pick Melissa up and then dropped the two of them at Marlow, where they went for one of the walks in Janet and Adrian’s “Walks in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire”. After the walk, they enjoyed the afternoon down by the River in the sunshine, where Katharine actually got a little sunburnt.  We have been on this walk when we were here in 2009 and it was lovely.   In the evening, we drove back to Marlow to pick them up and drove Melissa home to Staines, before coming back to Maidenhead – the trip took approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes using a combination of roads and motorways, including the A4 and M25.

Janet’s friends, Toby and Dave came to visit and meet Ella in the morning and Natalie, from church, came in the afternoon.

Tuesday 26 April – Overcast and coolish

We all headed off to Maidenhead in the VW Sharan – Janet and Adrian to register Ella’s birth at the Town Hall and the rest of us parked the car in the town centre, put Ella in her pram and wandered around the shops.  Janet and Adrian met us there and we bought some fresh bread rolls and headed home for lunch and a quiet afternoon.

Wednesday 27 April – Sunny, warm

Today was our big adventure day for Ella.  We all piled into the VW Sharan, with nappy bag, pram, baby carrier, assorted umbrellas, picnic blanket and 37 different cameras…. Well actually, there were 6 cameras plus a video camera and 4 phones with camera!  Adrian drove us to the Witterings, which is on the south coast of England, near Chichester, so that Aunty Katharine could introduce Ella to the beach.  We had lunch at a lovely little café called The Boulevard in South Wittering  – after lunch we walked a to the beach with Ella in her pram, but, as it was very windy, we only stayed for a short time before heading off to Brighton for another adventure.  We parked the car and walked out along Brighton Pier – Ella was in her baby carrier attached to Adrian – and we did the tourist thing, eating ice cream and looking at the various rides and entertainment booths.  The breeze had dropped and it was lovely walking along, soaking up the atmosphere and generally enjoying each other’s company.

We stopped on the way home so that Janet could feed Ella and arrived home at about 7.00pm, to a lovely twilight, which lasts until about 8.30ish at this time of the year.

We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves today and Ella seems to really love the car.

Thursday 28 April – Overcast and coolish

Katharine walked into the town centre, which takes about 15 minutes, to buy Steve a present, while Eenie and the two of us went to Waitrose for groceries.  Janet and Adrian’s church friends, Terry and John called in to visit them and meet Ella, while we were out. Eenie took us out to lunch at the Horse and Groom, which is a short distance from here along the A4. We all had scrumptious meals and some of us had dessert, like sticky toffee pudding!!  We talked and laughed our way through lunch and loved showing a beautiful sleeping Ella off to the other patrons.  After lunch, Adrian drove us to the Piggott School so that Eenie could see where Janet worked prior to her maternity leave.   Late afternoon was spent with much laughter, with us all posing for a family photo taken on Richard’s camera with time delay.

Friday 29 April – overcast and coolish – “the Wedding”

We all sat around the lounge room watching the Wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton, talking (before the actual wedding), eating scones with jam and cream, and just enjoying all being together for the last day!   Late in the afternoon, the two of us drove Katharine and Eenie to Heathrow Terminal 4, for their return flight to Australia.  It was a sad time for everyone, but Janet and Adrian were so thrilled to have been able to share the past 12 days with them.

Saturday 30 April – sunny and warm

Today was spent catching up on the washing and cleaning and just generally relaxing.  Janet’s friend,

Lucy from school and her husband, Marc and gorgeous Evan, who is 14 months, came to visit us, and to finally meet Ella, this morning.  After lunch, we left Adrian in charge of Ella, while the three of us headed off to the Mother Care shop at Slough, to buy some lightweight sleeping bags for Ella.  The afternoon has been spent catching up on our blog and sorting photos.

There are more photos in the Gallery – several sets!


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