Ella’s Baptism

Ella’s Baptism – Sunday 15 May – Sunny and cool

We were all up early to get organised and to get Ella dressed in her beautiful Baptism dress and of course, to take lots of photos (see Gallery).  Ella looked absolutely gorgeous!!  We arrived at St Mary’s in time to take more photos and to say hi to Janet and Adrian’s friends, while waiting for the service to begin.  The Baptism went really well and Ella didn’t even cry when Wil, the Vicar, poured water over her head.  Janet and Adrian’s family and friends were invited to join the usual morning tea in the hall after the service, which was lovely, and gave us all a chance to chat.

After that, about 20 of their friends came back here to continue the celebrations.  Sandy was delighted that her friend, Lynne’s daughter, Chelsea, who is working in London, was able to come and spend some time with us too.  Janet had organised a lovely iced fruit cake, which Ella’s Godparents, Wanda and Alan helped them to cut.  Ella spent the afternoon, looking beautiful, sleeping and being passed around for lots of cuddles.  Janet and Adrian received some really lovely gifts for Ella from both their Australian family and friends as well as from their English friends.

We all had an absolutely wonderful day and feel very blessed that this beautiful little person has come into our lives.  We are both so grateful that Janet and Adrian were able to arrange for the baptism to take place while we were here.


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  1. Maria says:

    Absolutely gorgeous – Ella looked so cute, her dress was beautiful, the cake looked yummy, you all looked so happy, and the pictures made me feel as though I was kind of there…..will show these to Nanna at the weekend, all my love Maria xxx

  2. Ian & Alison says:

    We send you all lots of congratulations and love…we know how it feels!Enjoy while you can!! We are off to Visit Phil soon. Should be in Nthampton early June.
    Ella is such a pretty young lady ( must run in the family!!)
    love Ali & Ian

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