An English Christmas

Although it didn’t snow, we had an amazing Christmas! Adrian finished work on Tuesday afternoon and is now on holidays until 3 January, so it is lovely to be spending more time with him.  On Christmas Eve, we baked our ham, made our pork, apple and sage stuffing and also our Festive sherry trifle.  With our Christmas tree lights twinkling, we rang Katharine, Eenie and Maria, as well as Adrian’s family before heading off to bed.

We all woke up on Christmas morning just before 7.00am – it was still dark outside and Ella had no idea that Santa had been!!  After breakfast, we unwrapped all our presents and played with Ella and her new toys before heading off to Church at 20 to 9, where Janet led the singing. We, and several people sitting close to us, were highly amused when Ella fell asleep during the service and proceeded to snore quite loudly!

After church we came back home and put our turkey in the oven, prepared our roast vegies, which we cooked in goose fat (an English tradition that makes them really crispy) and prepared our honey-glazed carrots and parsnips. We also had pigs in blankets (small sausages wrapped in bacon), crispy Yorkshire puddings, cranberry and port sauce and gravy.  Later in the afternoon, when we had room, we ate our trifle. Our traditional English Christmas lunch was delicious and we were very pleased with ourselves!

As predicted, England had unseasonably mild weather over Christmas and the temperature was 11°.  We all went off to bed after a most enjoyable day, feeling blessed that we were able to share Ella’s First Christmas with Janet and Adrian.

On Boxing Day, Janet and Sandy made a Mars Bar Slice and we all went for a walk into town (rugged up in our coats, gloves etc as it was 4° and had a coffe/tea/hot-chocolate/mocha. Ella was most impressed to sit in a high chair, looking out the window and eating her rusk.  In the evening, we watched “Love Actually” – another lovely day.

On Tuesday, we made potato bake and then we all went to Janet and Adrian’s friends, Wanda and Alan’s place for lunch.  We had ham, potato bake, broccoli, brussel sprouts, carrots and bread rolls and then for dessert we had a panettone sprinkled with icing sugar and our Mars Bar slice.  We spent a lovely afternoon, chatting, laughing and enjoying their company.  After a fun game of Bananagram (similar to scrabble without the board), we headed home about 6.00pm, had leftovers for dinner and sorted through our photos.

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