Day 6 Interlaken to Geneva -3° to 3°

After spending four wonderful days in Interlaken and surrounding areas, we packed our bags and headed off to the station this morning to catch the 9.08am Golden Pass Panoramic train to Montreux and then to Geneva.  While we thought this was one continuous train journey, it turned out that we needed to change trains at Zweisimmen to a second smaller, but newer, Golden Pass Panoramic train to go over the mountains to Montreux, where we changed trains for the rest of the journey to Geneva.

The sun was shining when we left Interlaken and the train took us along the shores of the Brienzersee again, before heading into the mountains, past small towns covered in snow, ski resorts and just breathtaking scenes, to Zweisimmen.

The journey from there to Montreux also took us through beautiful countryside and up through the mountains. As we came down into Montreux, we could see the beautiful Lake Geneva, which was partly shrouded in mist.

We were surprised to discover that both of these trains were fairly full and we were pleased that we had booked our seats from Australia, which was good as they had reserved signs them on and at one stage we were able to nicely ask someone else to move.

Again today we were frustrated when trying to take photos out of the train as the sun created a lot of reflections on the double glazed windows.

When we arrived in Montreux, we made our way to another platform, in time to see our train pulling away from the station, so we had a cuppa while we waited for 30 minutes for the next train.  The train took us along the shores of Lake Geneva for a short time and through some towns and vineyards – after approximately one hour we arrived at Geneva Train Station at about 2.00pm.  We called in at the Tourist Information office and collected a map before heading off on foot to the hotel.

We checked into our room, dropped our suitcases in and, with map in hand, headed off to see the sights.  We walked a few blocks down to the lake, where we saw the Jet d’eau, which is a big water fountain in the middle of the lake that shoots a huge jet of water into the air. We walked along the shore for a while past the Brunswick Monument, built in memory of the Duke of Brunswick, who left money to Geneva when he died.

We then found the bus station that our tour of the city leaves from tomorrow, saw the Fountain of the Four Seasons and crossed the Pont du Mont-Blanc (bridge) to a park where there was a monument of two ladies arm in arm, representing the union of Geneva and Switzerland, and also saw a floral clock. We then headed back towards the hotel, to a little Pizzeria just around the corner from the hotel.  We had an early dinner, as we had missed lunch and then headed back to the hotel to do our blog and sort photos.

We decided to go down to the Restaurant to have dessert – a lovely chocolate cake, served with ice-cream and a small meringue, with cappuccino/tea – very nice.

More photos on the gallery.

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