Sunday 16 to Wednesday 25 January – Maidenhead

We have spent the past 10 days enjoying spending time with our gorgeous grand-daughter, Ella and her Mummy and Daddy.  In preparation for Janet, Adrian and Ella’s BIG move home to Australia, and while Adrian has been at work, we have been helping Janet to sort through the flat, room by room, putting things into piles of “to be shipped home”, “to come in Janet and Adrian’s suitcases”, “to go to friends/charity” and “rubbish”. Well, actually, Sandy helped Janet sort, while Richard (aka Poppa) was in charge of entertaining Ella!

Over the past week, Ella has really mastered the art of crawling and at one stage, when she and Poppa were in the lounge-room and she could hear Mummy’s and Nanna’s voices in her nursery (where they were sorting) she crawled out of the lounge-room, down the hall-way towards her room (with Poppa walking beside her, encouraging her progress) and she did a little wiggle/jig when she could finally see her Mummy and Nanna – it was so cute!  Ella is also able to pull herself up to a standing position, using the lounge as leverage and holds on with one hand while she gets up to mischief with the other hand, eg tries to “play” with one of the laptops.

Ella, who is now 9 months old,  has 2 teeth and now weighs a healthy 8.18kg – right on the 50th percentile line and she is 70cm tall – which is also right on the 50th percentile line for her age………. “perfectly average”!!!  She is on solid food and is a good eater – has weetbix for brekky, yoghurt and fruit for lunch (pieces of fruit that she chews before swallowing) and she has veggies and small pieces of meat for dinner.

On Sunday 22 January, we all went out to The Horse and Groom, which is on the A4 motorway near Twyford, for a lovely English Pub lunch.  Ella sat up in a high chair that was attached to a normal chair and was pushed into the table as a normal setting – she was the cutest thing, thoroughly enjoying her lunch and then some bread, while we ate our lunch.  The food was very nice and the atmosphere was a typical English Pub, with a big fire crackling in the fireplace – very cosy!   When we first arrived at the Horse and Groom, the place was empty, but by the time we left, it was packed with people enjoying a lazy, warm, Sunday lunch.

Although it rained most of yesterday, the weather here is still very mild (today it is currently 10°) and not looking like there is a snowflake’s chance in hell that it will actually snow!!  There were a couple of mornings where there was thick ice on the cars and on the ground, which didn’t completely thaw until around lunchtime.

We have done a couple of walks into town (Maidenhead) and have been enjoying the normal day-to-day activities here.


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