Whistler to Kelowna

Today was a travelling day that was filled with spectacular scenery. We left Whistler at 8.00am in light rain and travelled towards Lillooet, via Cayoosh Creek/River and Duffy Lake.  The river runs for many kilometres and was spectacular with the thick forest beside it and the river running through some canyons, always in the shadow of large snow-covered mountains.  Just before we got to Duffy Lake, our driver stopped suddenly to allow a young brown bear (cinnamon bear) to cross the road.  It disappeared down an embankment, but our driver just sat waiting for several minutes and the bear soon appeared back up next to the road and began eating dandelions, which were growing along the roadside.  We sat there taking photos and being delighted that at last everyone on the bus had gotten to see a bear!

We stopped at Seton Lake, where we saw some mountain goats grazing and then we had a break for lunch at Lillooet. By now the sun had come out and it was quite warm, approximately 18-10 degrees.  When we drove out of town, we crossed “the mighty Fraser River” and drove through more beautiful scenery before crossing the confluence of the Fraser and the Thompson Rivers. We continued on beside the Thomson River Gorge to Lytton, which was in a semi arid area referred to as Avalanche Alley and we could see why – there were many places where avalanches had occurred, some of them quite large.  The Trans Canada Railway ran for many kilometres beside the river, disappearing through tunnels in the mountain at the edge of the river.

We crossed Spencer’s Bridge and continued on to Merrit for a cuppa and to stretch our legs before climbing up the Okanagan Connector to 1728m above sea level and then to Kelowna, where we are staying for the night at the Delta Grand Okanagan Resort, arriving at 5.00pm.

Kelowna is a city on the Okanagan Lake n the Okanagan Valley, in the southern interior of British Columbia, Canada.  Its name derives from an Okanagan Language term for “grizzy bear”.

Our accommodation is in the Villa section of the Resort and is actually a magnificent one-bedroom apartment, with a balcony overlooking the Okanagan Lake.

We had a lovely dinner and made some new friends and had lots of laughs with Ray and Fay from the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.

It was our turn today to sit at the back of the bus but as the bus was not full this gave us the opportunity to move to either side of the bus to take photos, sometimes one of us on each side of the bus taking photos!

Although it was a long day, the time seemed to pass fairly quickly as we were enjoying the varied and dramatic scenery.

Photos in gallery will not do the scenery justice!

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  1. Maria says:

    Absolutely stunning scenery and brilliant photos of the bear too – love from us all xxxx (PS Aunty Claire has been transferred back to Leeton Hospital today and is making slow but good progress)

  2. Ella says:

    Poppa, I like the photo of you in the big bus, you look cute 🙂 And the place you’re staying at looks very fancy. Maybe Mummy & Daddy will take me there one day. Miss you. Love your gorgeous girl xoxo

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