Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge

After dinner last night, we came back to our cabin and lit the log fire as it was quite cold.  The timber that is supplied looks like pine so it burns very quickly and the fire needed to be re-stoked quite regularly, but it did provide a lovely warm atmosphere.

Several times on the cruise we had commented about the length of daylight and even in yesterday’s overcast conditions it was still very bright outside around midnight.  We slept well and didn’t get out of bed until 7.00am – our first sleep in on holidays!!  It had rained overnight and this morning was overcast and quite cool.

After a leisurely breakfast, we were collected in a small bus and taken to a section of the Kenai River to Alaskan River Co, to commence our river float.  It was quite different to our float at Banff – firstly, we were given gumboots and waders to wear and then given the usual life jacket.  There were 8 people in each inflatable raft and we got to sit on the edge of the raft at the back – a good spot for taking photos.  We floated down the river for approximately two hours, taking in the beautiful scenery and dodging rapids, rocks and trees hanging out over the river.

We had two people with us from the Alaskan River Co, who sat in the middle of the raft and took it in turns to row and steer us down the river and at times just allowed the raft to float. The river flows quite quickly so at various times we were travelling more than 5 miles per hour.  In some sections we travelled straight down the river but for a lot of the time we zigzagged down the river, which reduced our speed and gave us a chance to look for bears, eagles and other animals.  We didn’t see any bears, however, we did see a few bald eagles, ducks and other birds that live or feed close to the river.

During the time we were on the river, the sun came out but we were still quite cool because of the icy winds coming off the mountains and the river.

On a few occasions we did pass though some slight turbulent water, enough to give us a rocky/bumpy ride for a while but we only had a small amount of water coming into the boat onto Sandy and some of the others on that side of the boat, however the waders and boots kept them dry.

We landed approximately 11 miles down river and had several people ready to catch the boat as it came into to the bank.  After we took off all our wet weather gear and found our shoes in the plastic storage containers, we were brought back to the lodge by a small bus.

We sat with Fay and Ray in the Rafter’s Lounge and had a snack lunch and chatted about our wonderful morning and how much we enjoyed being out on the river for a longer period of time than we did in Banff and under slightly more adventurous conditions, but still sedate enough not to be dangerous.

This afternoon, we went for a walk and then had a cuppa on the back verandah of the lodge in the sunshine, overlooking the Kenai River and Mount Cecil Rhode, which 4405 feet above sea level.

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  1. Janet says:

    It looks freezing, glad you didn’t get wet! 🙂

  2. Maria says:

    Just caught up on your Blog and photos – stunning scenery and brilliant photography – delighted to see you are still having a ball, all our love xoxo

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