As we didn’t have to get up early for any excursions or to be heading off to a new destination, we had a bit of a sleep in this morning before meeting the other 12 members of our group who haven’t headed home yet, for breakfast at 7.00am.

We caught a taxi into Fairbanks and wandered around the shopping streets as well as walking along the Riverwalk.  We saw a statue, in the Golden Heart Plaza, that is dedicated to the first families of Fairbanks, we walked under the Antler Arch, which has 100 moose and caribou antlers collected from all over Interior Alaska and we wandered around the Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Centre, where we saw the different seasons of Alaska and exhibits about the people, land and culture of Interior Alaska.

We were quite impressed with the city of Fairbanks because it is neat and clean, with lots of flowers planted in flower boxes around the city.  When we mentioned this to our taxi driver on the way back to the Lodge, he said that when the snow melts at the end of winter there is some rubbish around and the people of Fairbanks all get together and clean it up.  There is not a lot of high-rise in the city and it seems very open and we found that all the drivers were very courteous and give way to pedestrians, waving us across the street, even when there wasn’t a pedestrian crossing.

We had lunch here at the Riverside Lodge and spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and getting our luggage sorted out in preparation for our flight home on Sunday.  We also got our paperwork organised for our day trip to Barrow tomorrow.

Today has been warmish – long sleeve t-shirt and jeans, but we think tomorrow may be somewhat colder as we will be at the Arctic Ocean!!

We had dinner with the 7 other couples, who hadn’t gone home yet and said goodbye to 5 of the couples – the other 2 couples we will see at breakfast and will be able to say goodbye to them then. We ate dinner out on the deck overlooking the river but as soon as we had finished we all came inside for our coffee/tea as we were getting eaten alive by the biggest mosquitos we have ever see!!!  We had a lovely night reminiscing about our trip and the funny things that happened.

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  1. Janet says:

    Ella and I have been looking at the last 2 lots of photos and the only commentary I got was ‘what Poppa doing?’ and ‘Na having drink of water’ 🙂 We’ll be glad to have you home again but will miss hearing all about your adventures.

  2. Selle-Belle says:

    Hi Lovely,
    My how quick that time has flown by….must have been the upciting journey you took me on!!! Although I have thoughly enjoyed your wonderful holiday adventures, I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing you again soon!!!
    Safe travels & see you soon!! 🙂
    Lv & friendship,
    Shell-Belle xo

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