Summary of our Canada and Alaska Holiday

Despite the changes to our plans caused by fog leaving Sydney and arriving back home, we have had an absolutely fantastic holiday.  We have met some lovely people, we have visited some picturesque places, we have partaken in some brilliant adventures/excursions and have taken lots of photographs!

We have all grown up with images of Canada and Alaska from films, advertisements and other people’s postcards and photos, but we were overwhelmed by the natural beauty and majesty of the places we visited!!

At the start of our trip we had hoped that we might get to see some of the natural wild life of these two countries and particularly hoped that somewhere in our travels we could see a bear.  We were lucky enough to see several bears (brown bear and baby, cinnamon bear, black bear, grizzly bears) as well as Caribou, Dall Sheep, Bald Eagles, Whales, Arctic Ground Squirrels, Moose and two Red Foxes.  The only animal that we didn’t get to see was a Polar Bear – although maybe we didn’t recognise him against the frozen Arctic Ocean at Barrow.

There were a couple of things we were disappointed in – the accommodation in the McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge and the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge were far below the accommodation we had expected and had experienced in every other place we stayed during the month of our holiday. Both lots of accommodation badly need to be renovated or refurbished.

This was only a minor hiccup in an otherwise fantastic holiday.

Although we loved each and every moment of our holiday, some of our highlights would have to be the impromptu helicopter flight over the glaciers and mountains outside Banff; a still frozen Lake Louise; the Rocky Mountaineer train; sitting together in our mini-suite having breakfast looking at the view from our balcony on the Diamond Princess; our floatplane flight up into the Misty Fjords and landing on the mirrored lake; the White Pass train from the Yukon to Skagway; watching the glacier ice calving at Glacier Bay; zigzagging through the mountains on our return flight from Barrow; and the spontaneity and good nature of all of the people whom we were travelling with, including our tour director, Inge Stamm, and our Canadian bus driver, Steve.

With the risk of sounding a little bit mushy, the best part of this holiday is the same as for every other holiday and that is that we were able to share all these wonderful adventures together!!


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  1. Janet says:

    Glad you had such a memorable time, but equally glad you’re home 🙂

  2. Paul says:

    Welcome home Sandy and Richard. Thank you for your excellent blogs that made us feel like we were travelling with you. Sounds like a great holiday which just might inspire us to consider such an adventure.
    Love to you both. Paul

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