Brisbane to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam

Friday 20 December, 2013

Meika, the spoilt pussy-cat has been deposited at Katharine, Steve and Patrick’s house for her “Retreat at the Richardsons”.  Adrian called in to pick Eenie up and then came to our place to pick us up and deliver the three of us to the International airport for our Singapore Airlines 9.10am flight to Saigon via Singapore.  We will be joining an APT Lower Mekong River Cruise from Saigon in Vietnam to Siem Reap in Cambodia tomorrow evening.

We arrived in Singapore at approximately 3.30pm local time after a late departure from Brisbane and a delayed arrival at Singapore because of large volumes of transiting aircraft..  We had a good flight as usual with Singapore airlines.  We arrived in Singapore at Terminal 3, so we caught the Air-train around to Terminal 2 and still had a long walk to our departure lounge. Changi Airport was decked out in its Christmas decorations and colourful gardens.

Our Singapore Airlines flight from Singapore to Saigon was delayed in leaving by about half an hour because there were a large number of planes taking off and landing before us. We arrived in Saigon at 7.00pm and after a long wait to get through Immigration, we collected our suitcases, went through customs and were met by an APT representative, Minh, who took us to another group of APT tour travellers to wait for the rest of our group before being taken to our hotel by bus.  The trip took us about 35 minutes and we had our first experience of Saigon traffic, with thousands of motor-bikes and lots of cars on the roads.  Minh told us that there are 5.5 million motor-bikes in Saigon and we were sure that most of them were out and about on this Friday night!!

We arrived at our hotel, the Sheraton Saigon Hotel and Towers, at approximately 9.00pm local time.  Our rooms at the hotel are very nice – ours has a view over the city and Eenie’s has a view of part of the Saigon River.   As soon as our suitcases arrived, we had showers and were in bed and asleep by 10.00pm, dreaming about our adventures to come.

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