Day 12 Wednesday 1 January Sunrise over Angkor Wat

Today was an early start with a wake up call at 4.10am so that we could get ready for our short bus trip to watch the sunrise over Angkor Wat.  We walked from the buses with the aid of a torch each and gathered around the lily pond in front of Angkor Wat, with thousands of others, and waited patiently.  The last few days have been quite overcast and foggy/smogy/smokey but we were quietly confident that we may get some spectacular views/photos because the sky was clear and we could see thousands of stars. APT had organized champagne, tea and coffee and a biscuit while we waited.  

As the sky started to change colour, we took lots of photos and were extremely excited when the sun appeared behind one of the five towers!!!  At one stage, Richard was leaning over the pond, with his foot balanced on a rock in the pond, taking photos, which were well-worth his acrobatics!!

The area of Angkor Wat inside the moat is 1.5km by 1.3km and is made of up several galleries and an esplanade or avenue area around the 5 temples.

At about 7.20am, our guide gathered us together and we walked up into Angkor Wat, past the incredible Gallery where many stories were depicted in the reliefs that were carved into the stone.  There were also over 3000 Apsara (nymphs) carved into walls throughout the site.

We climbed up several stairs into the Central Temple area – there are 3 storeys, which enclose a square surrounded by galleries.  The stairs to the upper level (Bakan) were extremely steep (because reaching the kingdom of gods was no easy task) and was well-worth the climb!  There were so many rooms with views of the temples and of other parts of Angkor Wat, as well as extensive views over the whole area.

Our photos are not going to be able to do the absolutely brilliant scenes justice nor will our words ever be able to describe just how amazing Angkor Wat is!!

The buses returned us to the Sofitel at 9.30am for breakfast and then we met up with Eenie to organize what we would do for the rest of the day until we are collected at 4.00pm for our transfer to the airport.

This is our last post from Cambodia  – we will do a summary of our trip and post the rest of our photos when we get home.

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    Interesting Blog as always and brilliant photos – travel home safely, love us xoxoxo

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