Summary of Vietnam and Cambodia trip

The three of us have had a wonderful 13 days in Vietnam and Cambodia.  We have been extremely lucky with good weather for the entire time we were away – some days were a bit overcast or foggy/smoggy – and while it was certainly warm, it wasn’t excessively hot or humid.  We stayed healthy and had no major issues.  We ate well (maybe too well) and enjoyed meeting Vietnamese and Cambodian people, learning about their culture and day-to-day lives.

For the two of us, this was our first adventure into Asia (Eenie has travelled in other parts of Asia several times before) and while we found some of the visits to poorer communities to be a bit heart-wrenching, we thoroughly enjoyed the overall experience.  This is the second trip that we have done with APT and we are very impressed with the standard of the tour as well as their attention to detail.

The modes of transport on this trip were quite different to any on our previous trips – we travelled by planes, coach buses, local buses, river boat, small local boats, cyclos, rickshaws, tuk-tuks and elephants!!  One of the many highlights of our trip was our tour around Saigon in a cyclo in morning peak hour traffic!  We found Saigon to be an amazing city, particularly with the festive decorations and atmosphere just prior to Christmas and this was where we experienced our first huge local market.

We really all thoroughly enjoyed our time on the RV AMA Lotus. As we had previously discovered in Europe, touring in this form meant that we were able to unpack and use the boat as a base where we could be assured of good meals, great service and when we went on shore excursions, we only needed to take our hat, water bottle and camera. We visited many villages and small towns and were able to see how people in Vietnam and Cambodia actually live.  We also enjoyed the times when we just floated along the river and were able to see little villages and river traffic floating by.

We loved exploring the ancient temples in Siem Reap and hearing many stories of ancient times.  We were amazed at how big the temples are and also how well-preserved they are.

We were surprised that everywhere we went we were greeted by people who gave us the impression that although they are poor, they are happy.  Most appear to work extremely hard for very little financial gain and under very poor conditions.

While we missed being with our family at Christmas, we were blessed to have had such an amazing experience.

Our photos are now in the gallery on our blog.

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  1. Janet says:

    I finally got good enough internet (and some spare time) to look at all your photos. They look great! There are times where you can tell the pictures probably aren’t doing the scene justice, but it’s the next best thing and will be great memories for you. I’m glad the 3 of you had such a great time together 🙂

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