Tuesday 23 September Cape Town – Cape Peninsula

Today, we spent the day touring the breathtaking Cape Peninsula. We left Cape Town and travelled along the western beaches, through Camps Bay, Llandudno and Hout Bay. We travelled along Chapman’s Peak Drive, which was breathtaking and stopped to take photos. After we entered the Table Mountain National Park, we saw some baboons at the side of the road, so Nando stopped the bus so we could take some photos.

We continued to Cape Point, where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet. Cape Point is at the southeast corner of the Cape Peninsula and is a little north of the Cape of Good Hope on the southwest corner. Although both of these are well known, neither is actually the southernmost point in Africa – that is Cape Agulthas.

When we arrived at Cape Point, the Funicular wasn’t working, so we decided to walk up the steep hill to the top so that we could see the lighthouse and experience the stunning views. It was well worth the effort.

We then made a short visit to the Cape of Good Hope where we saw some cormorants nesting on the rocks and we also saw the beautiful colours of the coastal fynbos (natural shrubland and vegetation occurring in the Western Cape of South Africa).

We stopped at the Black Marlin for lunch just south of Simon’s Town, which is home to the South African Navy and is located on the shores of False Bay.

Our next stop was Boulder’s Beach, which is a sheltered beach made up of inlets between granite boulders. We visited the colony of 3,000 African Penguins, which settled here in 1982. The African Penguin is also known as the Black-Footed Penguin or the Jackass Penguin because it brays like a donkey.

We made our way back to Cape Town past Cape Flats and Westlake. We thoroughly enjoyed our wonderful day on the Cape Peninsula with its beautiful scenery.

When we arrived back at our hotel at about 3.30pm, we went to the huge shopping complex called the Waterfront, which is accessible from the hotel. We got some more American dollars from the Money Exchange and checked out the restaurants on the harbour waterfront, where we will eat dinner tonight.

We could have stayed longer in Cape Town as there is just so much to see in this beautiful part of South Africa.

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