Thursday 25 September Oudtshoorn to Knysna

After breakfast, we went to the Cango Caves, which are located in Precambrian Limestone Ridge at the foothills of the Swartberg range near the town of Oudtshoorn. We were taken by a guide into these amazing caves with limestone formations in beautiful colours.   We saw stalagmites, helictites and stalactites. We walked through Van Zyl’s Hall, Botha’s Hall, Rainbow Chamber, Bridal Chamber, Fairyland Chamber, and the Drum Room where we saw a translucent formation. It was totally different from any other caves we have been to, in that we seemed to be a lot closer to the formations as we moved from chamber to chamber.

Then we visited an ostrich farm, the Safari Ostrich Farm in Oudtshoorn. Our guide, Ricardo, told us about the ostriches on the farm and how they are bred and farmed for their feathers, skins and meat. Richard got to sit on an ostrich and have his photo taken. We were also surprised at the size and weight of an ostrich egg. Eating one would be the same as eating 24 hen eggs and if you wanted to cook a hard-boiled ostrich egg, it would take 2 hours. The shells are hard and Richard was photographed standing on two of them without breaking them – they can withstand a weight of up to 85 kg without breaking. We learnt that ostriches can run at 80 kph and can outrun a lion.

From there, we crossed the Elephant River through Elephant Valley and saw hops growing. We went through the Outeniqua Pass, with its rugged scenery.

We travelled the short distance to George, which is the sixth oldest town in South Africa, The town is a major accommodation centre and has many historical landmarks. We had lunch at the Mugg and Bean (which is similar to our Coffee Club) in a new shopping centre, which had many options for our fellow APT travellers to choose from.

Then we continued along the Garden Route to the coastal town of Knysna. The name Knysna means “straight down”, a reference to the Knysna Heads, which is an amazing geological feature along the coast. There is a treacherous channel through which the sea pours in to flood the beautiful lagoon at the mouth of the Knysna River.

We are staying at the Conrad Pezula Resort and Spa, overlooking the Noetzie Beach and when we arrived at the Resort, we were taken to our magnificent “Suite” in a golf cart. We have a little kitchen area, a large sitting are with a fireplace, a walk in wardrobe and a big bathroom as well as a balcony overlooking the gold course and the beach – very nice!

We got dressed for dinner, which was served in the Private Golf Club and was delicious. We were returned to our room in a golf cart and the driver/porter came in to light our fire for us so that we would be warm as it is a little cool tonight.

Another wonderful day!

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  1. Janet says:

    You guys are certainly becoming accustomed to a certain level of travelling aren’t you. Most of us show photos of our hotel ‘room’ not our hotel ‘suite’. I’m really happy for you though 🙂
    And I’m surprised the ostrich eggs are so strong – I knew they were big but would’ve thought they would break just as easily. Incredible!

  2. Liana says:

    Looks like you’re having a lot of fun! Beautiful pics once again. Enjoy! xx

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