Friday 26 September Knysna – Featherbed Nature Reserve

This morning, we woke to an overcast day that was a lot cooler, 11° and it was forecast to rain.
After a leisurely breakfast, Nando drove us down to the town of Kynsna and for those of us that wanted, we dropped off our washing at a laundry that Delia told us was very cheap. The staff will do all our washing and have it ready for us to collect this afternoon after our excursion.
We were then given some free time at the Waterfront to do some souvenir shopping, before being taken to the jetty for our short ferry ride to the privately owned Featherbed Nature Reserve, where we joined a park guide for a 4WD with trailer journey to the top of Western Head. We stopped at the top and had amazing views of the steep sandstone cliffs, the lagoon, mountains and Knysna itself. Featherbed Nature Reserve is also home to a breeding program of the rare Blue Dulker, which is one of the smallest antelope species in the world.
We were then given the option to go back down on the 4WD or to walk down. We enjoyed our 3 kilometre nature walk back to the café and although it was downhill most of the way, there were lots of steps, some of which were cut into the rock and were quite uneven, some were loose rocks, some were dirt steps with tree roots growing up through them so we had to watch our step, all of which made the descent a bit tough.
We walked through the coastal forest and fynbos, stopping at every corner to take photos of the amazing and changing views across the heads and the rugged coastline.
We also were able to go down a section of 120 steps to an area with twin holes in the rocks that the Indian Ocean was surging through. Of course, this meant that we had to walk back up the 120 steps to continue our trek, but it was well worth it. Our next challenge was when we were told that we could go over to a special lookout area that involved climbing up some rocks and over some sections that didn’t have steps, but once again the extra effort, with the aid of our broom-handle-type sticks that we had been given at the beginning of the walk, meant that we got some more amazing photos.
We continued our walk down the many steps until our path came out at the Kynsna River after it met the Indian Ocean at the Heads. We then walked along the flat for a further kilometre, stopping to take more photos along the way, and finally reached the café/shop area. What an awesome walk with stunning views!
We arrived back for our buffet lunch at the Food Forest Restaurant just in time for the rain to start – perfect timing! Our lunch was most enjoyable and through the fine rain we had a lovely view of the outdoor eating area set on the edge of the lagoon under a canopy of Milkwood trees.
Our boat came back to pick us up at 3.00pm and took us back to the jetty to be met by Nando, who dropped some people off in the town to do more shopping and brought the rest of us back to the Pezula Resort.
We spent the rest of the afternoon catching up with our blog and relaxing before heading up to the Resort Café for an informal meal.
We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Pezula Resort, feeling quite spoilt in our luxurious suite. There are four suites in each block set into the hillside among the beautiful gardens overlooking the golf course and the beach.

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  1. Maria says:

    Love travelling along with you and love your photos – feels almost like we are there 🙂 – keep enjoying every minute love you both Dennis and Maria xoxo

  2. Liana says:

    You picked a lovely time of the year to visit the Cape provinces! Winter rainfall area, so it’s all lush & green with still some wild flowers. Enjoy! xx

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