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Norway, Scandinavia and the Baltics 2015

Wednesday 29 July/Thursday 30 July, 2015 Brisbane to Tromso, Norway

We left Brisbane at 2.30pm on Singapore Airlines A330 bound for Singapore. Seven and a half hours later we arrived in Singapore after having a good flight. The A330 has a 2-4-2 configuration in economy and we had our usual two seats on the right hand side of the aircraft. After a short 3 hour wait at Changi Airport, Singapore, our next flight, a Singapore Airlines Boeing 777, took us to Copenhagen. For this flight, the configuration was 3-3-3 and we were lucky enough to have three seats in the middle section between the two of us, which meant that we were much more comfortable and were actually able to sleep for a few hours. After a twelve and a half hour flight, we arrived to a bright and sunny day in Copenhagen, Denmark at 6.30am local time.
After collecting our suitcases and checking them in again with Scandinavian Air Services, we spent several hours in the SAS Lounge, relaxing, prior to boarding our SAS Airbus A320 which left at 11.55am for the one hour flight to Oslo. Although we had been reassured that the one hour gap between arriving in Oslo and our flight leaving for Tromso, would be quite sufficient, it was a bit close to say the least. We had to collect our suitcases, go through customs, take our suitcases to the bag drop and make our way to the furthest gate possible for our flight. We ended up having to run, as our flight was fully boarded and they were waiting for us and another 4 people to board – too close for comfort!!
The flight into Tromso was on a Boeing 737-600 and coming into Tromso over the snow-capped mountains and the harbour was quite spectacular – unfortunately we didn’t have a window seat to get photos.
We were picked up at the airport by an APT representative and taken to our hotel, the Radisson Blu Hotel at approximately 4.30pm. The total travelling time from leaving Brisbane Airport to arriving in Tromso was 34 hours!
We checked into our hotel, which is right at the waterfront and went for a short stroll down to the harbour before returning to our hotel for a light dinner in our room.
It is now 7.30pm and still brilliant sunshine – the sun won’t set until approximately 11.30pm and will rise again just after 2.00am! Needless to say, we wont be staying up to watch the sun set!