Sunday 2 August Andenes, Bleiksoya, Trollfjorden

We had a good night’s sleep for our first night on board but woke to find another overcast, bleak day with misty rain. Overnight, we sailed towards the small town of Andenes, which was a fishing village during the Iron Age and is now one of the largest fishing ports in Norway. Some of the staff have been up since 5.00am hoping to find some wales for us, but no luck.
We sailed on to Bleiksoya to try and find some of the many puffins, which call Bleiksoya home but the mist and rain made it hard to see them.
We spent a quiet morning on board the ship – some of the time in our cabin or on the balcony and some of the time in the lounge or out on the observation areas looking for Puffins etc.
After lunch, decked out in our jackets, beanies, gloves and scarves, we all gathered in various observation areas to watch as the ship sailed through a narrow channel, taking us to Trollfjorden. The Captain and the Norwegian Pilot carefully made their way through the very narrow entrance (100 metres wide) and into the beautiful, narrow and steep-sided fjord, which is 2 kilometres in length. With steep sided mountains up to 1000metres high, Trollfjord was impressive and we enjoyed the dramatic scenery as well as seeing some eagles. The crew came around, serving warm mulled wine to fortify us against the chilly weather. The ship did “a u-turn” at the end and came back along the fjord before
continuing on to Svolvaer.
Today, we have sailed through part of the Lofoten Islands, which is an archipelago known as ‘the soul of northern Norway’ or “the islands of the gods”. The total land area amounts to 1,227 square kilometres.
After a leisurely dinner, the two of us disembarked and strolled through some of the streets of Svolvær, which is the gateway to the Lofoten islands and has a population of 4,185. We watched one of the Hurtigreten ferries, the “Richard With” come into the small harbour and dock.
It was nice to be able to relax during this sailing day and be able to meet and mingle with some of the other people on board, while watching some lovely and dramatic scenery. The weather, being overcast and misty with occasional light showers, has been disappointing but in some ways added to the drama of the landscape, with craggy cliffs and mountains appearing and disappearing in clouds and mist.
While we have been downloading our photos and writing up our blog regularly, the internet coverage is via satellite and is very slow and sometimes doesn’t maintain the link, so we need to “try again later”. Needless to say, our updates and photos may not be as regular as we have done in the past.

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  1. Janet says:

    Hi Mum and Dad

    We’ve had a crazy few days so I’m only just looking at the photos now. Dad, they’re really good – they’re all so crisp and clear. You seem to have worked out your camera 🙂

    I look forward to seeing more.
    Love Janet xoxo

  2. sandy says:

    Thank you Janet – we are happy with them, considering the weather is not very good. xoxo

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