Friday 7 August Sognefjord, Naeroyfjord, Gudvangen, Flam

We had a lovely morning this morning, with a sleep in and a leisurely breakfast. Most of today was spent cruising the majestic fjords of Norway. We began in Sognefjord, the largest fjord in Norway and the third longest in the entire world. Because the other two fjords are often ice-covered, the Sognefjord is the longest open, ice-free fjord in the world and is 205 kilometres inland from the ocean and has 1000m high cliffs.
At abut 11.30am we turned into Naeroyfjord, a branch of Sognefjord, which was named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2005. This beautiful fjord, which is only 300metres across at its narrowest point, is lined on either side by rugged mountain peaks, tumbling waterfalls and lush green valleys all of which we could see through the swirling mist/fog and rain.
After lunch, we disembarked the ship at 2.00pm via zodiac for a walk in Gudvangen. We walked along a track on the western edge of the Naeroyfjorden, through the valley towards a viewpoint near Bakka and then walked back to the pick up point for the zodiacs.
When we were all back on board, the Captain set sail, back along the beautiful but still misty Naeroyfjorden and into another fork of the Sognefjord, called Aurlandsfjorden to the town of Flam.
While we were originally disappointed that we didn’t have a bright sunny day, it was still magic to see the fjords shrouded in swirling mist and low cloud that changed the appearance of the fjords minute by minute. During the day, we were amazed at the huge number of waterfalls cascading down the mountains/cliffs beside the fjord – I think we have a photo of each of them!
One of the interesting things we found out today is that the Sognefjord has power lines called the Sofnefjord Span that crosses the fjord with a span of 4,597 metres, which is the second largest span of power lines in the world.
Dinner tonight was a BBQ in the Lido Outdoor Café – the hotel staff had gone to so much trouble in their preparation of the food – broccoli turned into poodles, oranges with guitars, croquemboush with swan shapes, pavlova with mushroom shapes etc. During dinner Tuts played the electric piano and sang songs that everyone knew and we all sang along with him and then after dinner, all the staff got up and some three songs and danced and then we all got up and danced – a fun evening.
After dinner, about 20 of us went for a walk around Flam with Hannah and James (APT staff) but we got rained out so had to return to the ship early, looking like drowned rats (even although we had rain jackets). We are all keeping our fingers crossed that the weather will be fine in the morning for our Flam Railway journey up into the mountains.

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  1. Janet says:

    The food looks amazing – they’re so clever! 🙂

  2. Maria Hughes says:

    Yes I agree Janet – the food does look amazing – so artistic. Again the photography is spectacular and seems to be a beautiful part of our world. Have fun love us xoxo

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