Sunday 23 August Mariehamn (Aland) Stockholm (Sweden)

After a good night’s sleep, we enjoyed our breakfast while watching the scenery float past – the islands in the archipelago leading to Mariehamn on Aland Island were beautiful and the sea was like a mill pond.
Discover Mariehamn this morning, the capital of Aland. Mariehamn was named after Marie Alexandrovna, the royal consort of Alexander II of Russia and Mariehamn means ‘Maria’s Harbour”. Aland and Mariehamn have a reputable heritage in shipping. The Flying P-Liner Pommern Museum ship is anchored in the Western Harbour. The Eastern Harbour features one of the largest marinas in Scandinavia. The Dutch steamer Jan Nieveen (now called F.P. von Knorring) can also be found here.
The Aland Islands are situated between Sweden and Finland in the northern part of he Baltic sea. Aland consists of more than 6,000 island and together they constitute an autonomous and monolingual Swedish region of Finland with it’s own flag and stamps. They use Euros as their currency.
We decided to explore the Pommern sailing ship and the Maritime Museum this morning. We disembarked and walked a very short distance to the Pommern and enjoyed exploring both above and below decks. We saw the Captain and Officers’ Quarters, the Galley, Navigation Room and Crew’s Quarters. We also went below decks to see where cargo, sails and ropes would have been stored between the two lower decks. The construction of the steel hull was easy to see once we got below decks. The Pommern was fitted out with some of the equipment, ropes and furnishings from the time.
We then walked across the road to the Maritime Museum and enjoyed wandering around the various exhibits that related to the history of sailing and of the Mariehamn area. We thoroughly enjoyed “doing our own thing” this morning in Mariehamn, exploring the Pommern and the Maritime Museum!!
As we sailed away from Mariehamn, we had lunch in the Outdoor Café and then spent the afternoon catching up with our blog, sorting photos and relaxing.
During the afternoon, we sailed to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden and the most populated city in the Nordic region. The city is spread across 14 islands on the coast in the southeast of Sweden at the mouth of Lake Malaren, on the Stockholm archipelago and the Baltic Sea.
We arrived in Stockholm at about 8.00pm and after a fun-filled dinner with our now usual dinner companions, we joined some of the other passengers and went for an orientation walk through part of Stockholm.

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