Wednesday 26 August Disembark Ship, Copenhagen (Denmark)

This morning we had breakfast in the Lido Outdoor Café while we watched the ship sail towards Copenhagen. We were surprised to see a couple of Wind Farms in the middle of the ocean!
After we had arrived in Copenhagen and been cleared by the Port Authorities, we said our goodbyes to the Captain and all the staff and disembarked for the last time. We boarded a bus and were taken, along with several other passengers, to the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel. Check in time was not until later in the afternoon, so we headed off to explore Copenhagen.
Copenhagen, the former 10th century Viking fishing village, is now the premier capital of Northern Europe and is one of Europe’s oldest capitals, with its monarchy in Denmark being the oldest in the world.
As it was raining lightly, we decided to catch a Hop On and Off Bus, which stops right outside our hotel. We got off at the Little Mermaid, which is down at the Harbour. The sculpture of the Little Mermaid, who turned 100 years old on 23 August, is made of bronze and granite and was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale about a mermaid who gave up everything to be united with a handsome prince on land.
The Hop On and Off Bus has a 7 minute stop at the Little Mermaid, so we were able to take photos and get back on the bus again. We continued to Rosenborg Castle and as it had stopped raining, we had a wander around the gardens, before hopping back on the bus for our next stop at Stroget. Stroget, 1.1 kilometres long, is one of Europe’s longest pedestrian streets with many shops, from budget brands to the most expensive brands.
We wandered along the street until we found the Round Tower, which was built in the 17th Century and is the oldest functioning observatory in Europe. To get there we needed to walk up the spiral path, which is 268.5 meters long at the outer wall and only 85.5 meters long close to the core of the building. This means that we walked around 209 meters to get to the top even though the tower is only 36 meters tall! We thoroughly enjoyed the view from the top, looking out over the City of Copenhagen. We continued wandering along Stroget, amazed at the number and variety of shops and the hundreds of people who were using this pedestrian shopping precinct. There were a number of pedestrian streets that crisscrossed the main one, so it would have been very easy to become lost or to be disoriented. We found a nice little Irish Pub to have lunch before continuing on to the Town Hall Square at the end of Stroget. One block further on, we passed the Tivoli Gardens, which is an Amusement Park and on the next corner was our hotel. We checked in and we pleased to find that we had a really nice corner room on the 12th floor with huge windows on two walls that gave us views over Tivoli Gardens and much of Copenhagen.
We decided to head back to Stroget to find somewhere for dinner and after walking, looking at menus and being indecisive, we found ourselves back at the Irish Rover Pub. Richard had Steak and Guinness Pie and a couple of Danish beers and Sandy had battered fish and chips, which we thoroughly enjoyed. We wandered back through Stroget, stopping to listen to an American Indian playing the Pan Pipes – such beautifully haunting music.
We had a cuppa in our lovely room and enjoyed watching the lights come on at Tivoli Gardens across the road.
Apart from the disappointment of our wonderful cruise ending, we have had a really enjoyable day -the two of us out exploring and adventuring on our own.

4 Responses to “Wednesday 26 August Disembark Ship, Copenhagen (Denmark)”

  1. Maria Hughes says:

    Have loved being able to read your Blog on a bigger screen as I haven’t had
    internet the last few days – only my phone!!! Enjoy your last couple of days in Copenhagen. Safe travels home and look forward to a chat when you get settled, Love you both Maria and Dennis xoxo

  2. sandy says:

    Thanks Sis. We are enjoying faster internet – it used to take anywhere from 20 minutes to 45 minutes to load our blog and photos while on the ship using satellite and last night the whole process took about 5 minutes!! Looking forward to a nice long chat. xoxo

  3. Gail Rounsefell says:

    That’s the same Irish Pub that we had our dinner in with Kim. We really liked it though for us it was one of our sad farewells to Kim.

  4. sandy says:

    Wow Gail – that is amazing that we ate in the same Irish Pub that you and Kim had dinner in. Our holiday is just about all over – leaving here in the morning to head out to the airport for our flights home. Keep enjoying your holiday. xoxo

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