Saturday 28 May Xi’an to Shanghai

This morning our bus picked us up at 9.30am for the one-hour journey to the airport – it was an easier drive as it is now the weekend. Our suitcases had been taken separately and checked in for us, so all we needed to do was to go through Security and head to our gate for our 12.00pm departure. When we arrived at the gate, Vivian was told that the flight had been delayed until 12.50pm as it was pouring rain and low visibility in Shanghai. 12.50 came and went and we then had a gate change, with more waiting until Vivian was told that the flight would not be leaving until after 3.00pm. She suggested that they needed to give us some lunch, so after a while, a lady arrived with a trolley filled with boxes, drinks and fruit. We sat in the departure lounge with the boxes on our laps and opened them to find that we had a chicken leg, rice (of course), egg & tomato and cooked celery and chopsticks. We think that we provided the entertainment for the Chinese who were waiting for the flight as they watched us eating our lunch with chopsticks! From the look on a couple of their faces they appeared to be surprised that we could actually use them – maybe not as well as they did, but we certainly didn’t go hungry! It was all a bit of fun really.
We finally boarded our China Eastern AirBus A321 flight and pushed back at 4.00pm – we had a good flight and arrived in rainy Shanghai. We were met by our local guide, Tracey, who took us out to our bus and chatted to us on the way to our hotel. She told us that Shanghai, which has 24 million people, is a modern city and is seen to be the Financial Capital of China. We were supposed to be getting the Maglev Fast Train from the airport into the city, but we arrived at a different airport, so Tracey has organised for us to do the Maglev Fast Train tomorrow morning.

We finally arrived at the Fairmont Peace Hotel overlooking the Huangpu River, at 7.15pm!!! The hotel is beautiful and we have a lovely big room. We dropped our hand luggage into our room and joined the others for a lovely Chinese dinner in one of the hotel’s function rooms. After dinner the duty manager took us up to the roof-top on the 11th floor for stunning views over the city and the river.

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