Tuesday 31 May Shanghai morning walk

This morning we had a leisurely breakfast and then went for a walk (a long walk) in the sunshine from our hotel to the pedestrian shopping street. We wandered along the street and then walked off the main thoroughfare into some of the back streets where we saw lots of people milling around the small local shops, including groceries, clothes and lots of small hardware shops/stalls for nuts, bolts. generators, electric tools etc We eventually found our way back to the river, having walked a big rectangle and stopped at the Bund and we saw that the blue sky was not unable to be seen anymore because it was now smoggy/foggy. We took some photos to compare with our beautiful evening’s photos on Sunday.

We came back to the hotel to finish sorting our suitcases ready for our flight home, had showers and decided to have lunch in a little café in the hotel, which was lovely. Our Waitress, ELLA, sat us at a table for two at a window overlooking the street, where there was a steady stream of Chinese families coming and going to the river. Several of them stopped and took photos of us through the window. Vivian had told us that the Chinese refer to us as “Big Noses” and at several places during our holiday they would either just take our photos or ask in sign language if they could have their photo taken with us. We are amazed at how friendly the Chinese people are and whenever we have said “Nihao” (hello) to them, their faces lit up and they greeted us too.

We will be collected at 1.30pm for our transfer to the Pudong International Airport for our Singapore Airlines flight at 4.50pm on an A380 Airbus to Singapore connecting with our Singapore Airlines A330 flight to Brisbane.

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