Day 3 Monday 18 September Mt Wellington and Tahune AirWalk

This morning, we left our apartment and headed to kunanyi/Mount Wellington, 1,270m-high. Mount Wellington is known for its dramatic cliff faces and sweeping views, plus hiking and cycling trails. We drove to the summit, the Pinnacle, where it was 5.7° but because it was VERY windy (59kph) it felt like minus 7.6. We had fleeces, jackets, beanies, gloves and scarves on and Steve had to hold the car doors so that we could get out of the car. There was lots of laughter as we fought our way against the wind to the shelter overlooking Hobart. We then braved it to go and stand on the boardwalk with magnificent views of Hobart, the Tasman Sea and the mountain’s alpine scenery for a few quick photos and then made our way briefly checking out the view on the other side. There was a small amount of snow up on the mountain, which Patrick was delighted to be able to jump in before we all gratefully hopped back in the car.

We drove back down the mountain and headed to Margate for morning tea, out in the sun at a café that had toys for the children the play with.

From there we travelled to Geeveston, to the Tahune AirWalk. Tahune is aboriginal and means “Peaceful Place By Running Water”. The AirWalk, which extends 597 metres through the forest canopy, has heights of 20-30 metres above the forest floor with the last section, the cantilever at a height of 50 metres above the river. It has been built to withstand 180km/hr winds and has over 120 tonnes of steelwork and 9000 nuts and bolts. The cantilever section has a maximum weight of 10 tonnes, which is equivalent to 120 people or 12 baby elephants. We thoroughly enjoyed our walk through the forest in the misty rain on the AirWalk, climbing over 100 steps along the way, stopping to enjoy the view and taking lots of photos. The cantilever section at the end had views over the Picton River and Huon River.

We then drove back to Hobart and got organised to go to our local hotel, The Metz, where we all had a delicious meal and came home to put two tired little boys straight to bed.

We asked Patrick what his favourite part of today was and he said ”Nearly getting blown onto the ground when we were going back to the car at Mt Welling-ken” (Wellington)

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